25 February 2007


Stratos has been at work again and re-upped my original rip of this Pharoah Sanders Impulse session from 1970.This is as a result of a request he spotted in an Orgy comment box.Please feel free if you wish to do anything similar yourself for others as it's VERY rare that I will re-post links-if you re-up them and leave me the link I'll make sure it gets re-posted...How's that?
Ramsone Knowling has been on the case as well and done a sterling job on a re-up of Sahib Shihab's Companionship-it's on the way.Thanks Ramsone !!!

One of the harder to find ones by Pharoah and a record that features only 2 long songs: the title cut and "Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord", each of which covers a side apiece. Recorded in 1970 the lineup includes Gary Bartz, Lonnie Liston Smith, Clifford Jarvis ,Nathaniel Bettis and Woody Shaw and side one is very much in the rhythmic modal spiritual mode of Pharoah's most compelling work on Impulse with a killing bass line courtesy of the great Cecil McBee . Side two then gets a bit more outside and free with more great solo work from McBee.


soup said...

Thank you so much for re-upping this. i have only just very recently come on to this sterling blog and doing some fresh learning.

is there any possibility that you can explore the strata east series again?
and perhaps tribe, muse, black jazz labels too. im asking loads, i know.

thanks again.


Thank you very very much. Greetings from Greece!

Curved Air said...

I love this LP! Bacaso, I posted the "Pharoah" LP over at curved-air.com.

thx once again man.

trane said...

Hi, first of all let me tell you how great your blog is, with this terrific idea of making mostly out of print lp’s available!
I also wanted to ask if you could upload this file

I don’t want to put any pressure, but I will be online till the 24th, and then again from the 4th of January onwards.

Thanks a lot
(my email: sparti@unisi.it)

taro nombei said...

cant believe you havent got more comments of appreciation for this one. especially since the link is still good. I for one am really happy to snare this rare pharoah. As always much appreciated bacoso.

troods said...

What a find.....a loss when my external hd crashed. Your site has always generously provided music lovers with the best. I am forever grateful to all the great work you do. Thank you.