21 February 2007


The Heath Brothers from 1976 on Strata East.Recorded in Norway this features Albert,Jimmy and Percy joined by Stanley Cowell(of course!).Well known amongst the break digging community for samples galore an original of this lp commands $100+ price tag on ebay these days - still you pays your money and you takes your choice !
Here's a great write up from Soul Sides:

Heath Brothers: Marchin' On (Strata-East 1976)
If you only listened to the A-side of this album, you'd find it to be a quite pleasant, straight-ahead jazz LP, with the warm flute tootings of Jimmy Heath, rich bassline strumming of Percy Heath and Stanley Cowell cameoing on piano and mbira. "Maimoun" is just a gorgeous, mellow song closing out the first side and their cover of "Watergate Blues" isn't bad either. But add on the four part "Smilin' Billy Suite" and you have the makings of one of Strata-East's greatest albums. Sure, it helps that Q-Tip sampled "Suite II" for Nas' "One Love", thereby introducing the album to the rest of the world but like Monty Alexander's "Love and Happiness", the sum of the song is far greater than the sample. By this time, most folks have heard "Suite II" in some fashion or other - Redman used 16 bars of the song on "Supaman Lova Pt. 3" for chrissake. Cowell's use of the mbira thumb piano is just fantastic, giving the whole song a different vibe from traditional jazz instrumentation. But it's always surprised me how little love "Suite I" receives. While almost all the suites use the same basic melodic riff as a common anchor, "Suite I" focuses mostly on Percy Heath's basslines before his brother Jimmy's relaxed flute drifts in. "Suite III" is also pretty solid - much more dramatic and dissonant, largely thanks to Albert Heath's playing of an African double reed woodwind. "Suite IV" brings back the major refrain once more, this time on sax, with a lighter, more upbeat feel than the previous three Suites. All in all, an undeniable masterpiece of the soul jazz era.

This got a limited vinyl reissue some years ago and a Japanese cd press in 2003 on Bomba which is now deleted.
This post is ripped from original vinyl at 320.


GIBSON L5 ( RAZ ) said...

wow wow wow !!!
thanks alot for this post !!!
i've been searching for this Heath album for some time and it makes me happy !!!
thanks also for sharing in this wonderful tastful blog !!!
come visit my jazz blog as well :

cokelarock said...

great, thanx a lot for this album.

Cubano said...

Good to see you back. I was afraid you'd disappeared earlier this month.

John said...

Perfect! Thanks!

John said...


Thanks alot for this wonderful blog. I really found some new favourites thanks to you. Curtis Amy and Bennie Maupin among others.

I'd like to thank you with a favourite of mine that I think would suite this forum:

Bill Plummer - 1967 - Bill Plummer and the Cosmic Brotherhood


Never released on CD. This is a original vinyl-rip. Feel free to publish on the main page if you like. Enjoy!

soup said...

i had a copy of this but the vinyl label was orange in colour (instead of green as i have seen on ebay).

plus it was 'made in france'. info anyone?

gave my collection away when i changed continents late last year before i had time to rip any of it.

thanks for sharing this. now i feel a little more 'complete' again.

John said...

thank you so much for this. i have been wanting to explore the Strata East label further for a long time, having heard bits and pieces, but never had much luck tracking things down. Listening to this lp right now, and loving it, thanks so much.

ramson_knowling said...

Hi folks , I just re-upload SAHIB SHIHAB - COMPANIONSHIP :




ramson_knowling said...

Hi folks , I just re-upload SAHIB SHIHAB - COMPANIONSHIP :




cokelarock said...

perfecto, muchas gracias ramson.

mikey said...
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mikey said...

Like all the Strata East's tend to do this one captured the purity of the Brothers sound more than the subsequent Colombia's seemed to be able to do, with the added sweetening. Saw this band regularly at the time of this recording--a truly beautiful ensemble.

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bacoso said...

hercules-i posted deaf dumb blind in may 2006.the links now dead so I may repost it soon-keep 'em peeled!

tuneZfull said...

On the prowl for other Heath Bros:
Passin' Thru
Live at the Public Theater
Brotherly Love
Jazz Family
Brothers and Others
Thanx for sharing, m8

stratos said...

hi bacoso,

given your reply to hercules' comment i assume i can upload deaf dumb blind. (hope to save you some time to share something that has not been already posted :)


btw i just got back from a Larry Coryell/Victor Bailey/Lenny White live. I'm not quite a fan of fusion and i am somewhat cautious towards well-known musicians touring in "musically-infamous" destinations(ie athens)/promoting their late work long after the peak of their carrer. That said, i have to say it was a great performance.
Booker T's "born under a bad sign", Zeppelin's "black dog", Hendrix's "manic depression" were among the songs covered, forming a rock/blues-y infectious atmosphere. In Ravel's "Bolero" and in another tune (not quite sure which one) from Bonfa/Jobim's Black Orpheus, Coryell did demonstrate his exceptional technique. Bailey and White just as good.
The trio is still touring in europe, don't miss the chance to see them but don't expect much fusion (of course even less jazz) in strict terms.

gonzo said...

this post hurts :) it's so good. the album is great. a minimal groove makes a whole album. this is truly timeless! respect!!!!

António said...

Bill Plummer is Great!! Not only the man is a genious musician but also has a nice sense of humour (check his photo dressed has - James Bond plays Tabla in front of the Taj Mahal!)

Thanks a lot John.

Apani said...

Thank you for this classic!

Lou said...

Thanks heaps... I've always wanted to hear this album. I've "the sample" plenty of times though.

Hoochie Coochie man said...

I´ve been diggin your stuff and it´s been great.. and I know I´m gonna love this also!! So thanks again for sharing great music!

Chris Ward said...

Thanks a lot for this album. It's great to hear an album that Q Tip likes too!

Satchelmouth said...

Every album I try to find, I always end back up here. Thank you!

richard said...

On holiday in Tokyo and finally have some time to look at your wonderful blog. Heard so much about it. Hopefully one day you'll get just recognition for your services to jazz. The jazz OBE! Am hoping to find the Heath Brothers cd reissue in a 2nd hand shop while I7m here... if not will try your link, Thanks again for all your dedication to spreading some fantastic music.

yodasbestmate said...


Thanks for this one!