21 February 2007


I thought I would re-post this great lp by Harold Land for the third time as so many people have been asking for it.The link's at rapidshare.com this time and you have STRATOS to thank for taking the time to re-up it-thanks Stratos!
Here's the obligatory write up from the folk at Dusty Groove who had this in stock as a Japanese cd reissue.

A fantastically beautiful record that stands as the first meeting between Bobby Hutcherson and Harold Land and it's an album that's possibly even better than the more famous Blue Note work by the pair! This is one of those "once in a lifetime" jazz sessions filled with magical interplay that's made the record a favorite with collectors for years, and done with a sound that's as lyrically graceful as it is soulful and righteous. Hutcherson's vibes are at their warmest 60s mode, but still have some of the angularity of his more modern sides for Blue Note. However Land is the real discovery here as he steps out with a fluidity that surpasses any of his earlier hardbop albums, a flowing exploratory style expressed on both flute and tenor with a mode that's years ahead of its time, and sounds a lot more like work on labels like Strata East or Muse from the 70s. Tracks are nearly all originals by Land, and are the kind of thoughtful jazz compositions that show up on a rare few records from the 60s - all of them are great, and sparkle with creativity and a subdued sense of righteousness.

Pretty tough to track down on vinyl its been overlooked for cd release until very recently and even now it's a Japanese issue only in a card sleeve -this is ripped from the original vinyl on the mighty Cadet label.


Sebastian said...

Thank you!

Any chance you can re-post some of those great Francy Bolden Big Band LP's that are on rapidshare.de?

Nunne said...

Thanks for the re-posting! This is truly a great jazz album!

Sunmyth said...

Great blog! I hope you could repost others too.

Trutherdare said...

I'm very familiar with nearly all of the Hutcherson/Land pairing's work, but this one, which had escaped me, just blew me away. Got it a couple months ago but it's great to see it offered again here. I've decided to try and track down that Japanese CD release, no matter the cost.

Andras said...

Much appreciated. My eyes are wide open. So much to learn!

brianvega said...

The Peace Maker link is empty, file not found,
please, could you link the lp up again, I am desperate


db said...

great music!
check out
calisoulbrother records
for rare soul, jazz, funk, brazil & latin records!

makuma said...

LOl, I'll buy this one.. Just noticed that Bacoso posted it 3 times already! I saw it on that Taschen Book, Jazz Covers. It's on Rainer Truby top 10 so I thought I should check it out and what do I find? Bacoso, as per usual, miles ahead :)

Thanks so much for the education!

pat said...

Hi! any chance you can re-post this one of harold Land Quintet? It's an invalid link in RS
Thanks in advance!!!Great blog!