19 February 2007


I finally picked up a mint vinyl copy of this from Italy on ebay.It's Enrico Rava's "Quotation Marks" on Japo from 1976 and it's a wonderful album-from the exquisite "Water Kite" to the free tendencies of "Quotation Marks / Naranjales".It's reminscent at times of Gato Barbieri's series of "Chapter" lps for Impulse but as the following review says it is quite unique:

"Unique" is so overused now, but that's exactly what this session is - there simply is nothing quite like it in the world of music.
The concept might be unfairly but quickly described as bright jazz meets bittersweet South American. Apparently, Rava began with a series of poems by Argentian poet Mario Trejo and recorded three settings of them in New York. The late Jeanne Lee has rarely sounded better than she does in this context, with a superb backup band - guitarist John Abercrombie, drummer Jack DeJohnette, David Horowiz on piano and synth, Herb Bushler on bass and percussionists Ray Armando and Warren Smith - all of whom work hard to sound light and driving, very much in the spirit of Brazilian and Argentinian music. Four months later Rava completed the album in Buenos Aires, recording four non-vocal tracks with a completely different band including the soulful bandoneon player Rodolfo Mederos, reedman Finito Bingert (who gets one nice flute solo), pianist Matias Pizarro, guitarist Ricardo Lew, and percussionists Nestor Astarita and El Chino Rossi. The similarity in instrumentation is one element that gives the album its unity, but each of the pieces is complementary to the others - by the end of the album, you feel that you've heard a complete artistic statement. No one element in any single piece ever overpowers the others. The music percolates along, alternately bubbly or charming or winsome or wistful, with a vocal line or trumpet solo or guitar solo or bandoneon rising above the mix and then settling back. The colors are gorgeous - Mederos's bandoneon is beautifully recorded, Lee's breathy avant-garde vocals are set just right within the percussion, and Rava's trumpet, which at this point was already original, but shows a taste of Miles's introspection and a few of Freddie Hubbard's arpeggios, glows. There are some subtle production touches - a little double-tracking of trumpet here, some overlaying of bandoneon intro and outro there, but you never feel that the producers have played games with the essence of the music. You might feel that there's just a touch too much of the avant-garde in "Quotation Marks / Naranjales," but that passage only lasts a minute or so, and it actually is refreshing in the context of all the other music. Those who've come to love Rava's music since the mid-70s and those who mourn Jeanne Lee should own this one -Steve Ellman.

This has just made a rather expensive Japanese re-issue on cd .
I have ripped this post from the original vinyl at 320.
Two files to get-here and here.

And a big thanks to xmnr0x23 for tipping me off about this album-check his great Axelrod blog out here!


cokelarock said...

sorry but I have to say that's the greatest blog I have ever seen. Exectly my music taste. Thank you so much for the Francy Boland - Going Classic album. I have been looking since a few years for it.
Sadly that I found this blog so late. It was the only album that was still online form the Kenny Clarke and Francy Boland stuff.
Is there any chance to reupload some of them? Especially or only the mega rare:

Sahib Shihab - Companionship

Thanx a lot

[selector marx] said...

Great job! You have always the greatest jazz LPs. I am from Madrid. I would recommend you a nice spanis jazz pianist: Try to find Chano Dominguez Septeto. LP: Oye como viene. You will love it.


ramson_knowling said...

Hi folks

I can upload SAHIB SHIHAB - COMPANIONSHIP if Bacoso give me permit. But this album have some tracks with a (minor?) problem that also affected to other albums posted here; problem is a small 'CHEEP -CHEEP' resemblant bird that you can hear when there is not music sound or music sound level is very soft.I cannot verify if music sound is degraded when this small 'CHEEP-CHEEP' do not is audible ( otherwise in most cases).

Greetings folks and thanks Bacoso by all these great music , with 'CHEEP-CHEEP' or without it .

bacoso said...

ransome-the cheep cheep is audible only on some of the vinyl rips.I have a problem with my Sony audio burner which I thought was fixed but still occurs occasionally(its feedback from the turntable picked up by a connection-Im still working on getting rid of that bloody cheep!!!!).CD rips are all fine.
If you can re-up that would be great.And if anyone else can re-up Harold Lands The Peacemaker many other people would be very pleased!

cokelarock said...

nice, would be great ramson if you could do that.
And thank you so much bacoso ripping albums for the public where other collectors would say no.

Thanx for the help.

xmnr0x23 said...

Hi Bacoso, great to see you back in full effect! You bought the album, hehe!!!! Nice one.

And thanks for the props. I'll put your Axe rips back up this weekend. I've put this off long enough and I've seen your rips re-surface here and there already.

stratos said...

Hi bacoso. Thanx for all the exceptional music! Here is Harold Land's peace-maker:

philip said...

thanks guys for these gems! hands down the best jazz blog online...
i just can't get enough time to catch up
this enrico rava is a true masterpiece indeed!
see ya!

ramson_knowling said...



Soon (1-3 hours) part2!!!

ramson_knowling said...

part 2 here :


john said...

Much thanks for this post - an overlooked masterpiece imho. My effort to digitise my well played old vinyl copy resulted in much hiss, crackle and pop. A truly wonderful record, thanks.

il angelo said...

Thanks galore, I hadn't any news this was so good. An absorbing listen.

hulaboy said...

Many thanks for this beautiful rarity!

Hebdomeros said...

Thank you for blowing my mind. This LP is now an absolute favorite and has set me on a path of possible Jeanne Lee worship.

Thanks again for your contributions to expanding jazz consciousness.