23 January 2007


More fantastic British Jazz from Tubby and the boys cut for Fontana in 1964.One of my favourite Tubby lps along with "Mexican Green" and"Equation in Rhythm"(a previous vinyl rip post from the early days of this blog - before the Tubby cd reissues fell from heaven!)this album really is a killer from W1.
To see a Youtube clip of Tubby in action live pay a visit to the acerbic dry wit of Alastairs Heart Monitor .This is a very funny and interesting blog encompassing a wide range of topics written by"Alastair" whose subjects stretch from Scotland to curry to politics to poets to football to jazz and much more besides-it's highly recommended reading.

Dusty Groove had this to say about it-and their superlatives are totally justified on this occasion! :
A stunning set from British tenor giant Tubby Hayes -- and the kind of record that shows that he had a vision and depth of playing that stretched far beyond his incredible ability to solo! The set's got Tubby leading a large ensemble, filled with some of the leading lights of the British scene of the time -- including Alan Branscombe, Peter King, Allan Ganley, Jimmie Deuchar, and Ronnie Ross. The players come together like magic -- hard-swinging with the rhythmic intensity of some of the best Saba/MPS sessions of this type, yet also breaking out with their own extremely strong voices. Tracks are all originals, filled with exotic twists and turns that make for plenty of modally-informed rhythms -- and titles include "Raga", "The Killers Of W1", "Sasa-Hivi", "Israel Nights", and "Pedro's Walk". Great stuff throughout, and more proof that the Brit jazz scene of the 60s was a lot more swingin' than anyone over here ever gave it credit!

Ripped at 320 from the current Impressed reissue-so it's still available.


Rab Hines said...

Nice, and well timed for my purposes. I never gave British jazz a lot of attention until I heard something - from Alastair as it turns out - "Under Milk Wood", that surprised me. I've been trying to hear some Ian Carr and came across Neil Ardley - Kaleidoscope of Rainbows the other day. The adventure continues.

alastair said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments - many of your visitors are coming to my blog as a result - I hope they find something of interest there. And thank you for all the great music - your blog is a delight

flat5 said...

How may I access the file links?

Thank you

Saint Jude said...

A Tubby Orgy !!

taro nombei said...

hi bacoso,
just plumbing the dim and distant depths of OIR and came across this gem*.
thanks indeed, much appreciated -- well it all is, you now that!

• tons of gems, of course, but this one actually has a active link! Did you ever re-up those early Sahib Shihab?