1 January 2007


Welcome to 2007 and a real rarity from Ronnie Ross to get the new year rolling in true Orgy in Rhythm style.
Recorded in 1968 for Fontana with Les Condon (tp), Art Ellefson (ts), Bill le Sage (p, vib), Spike Heatley (b), Ronnie Stephenson (ds), and Tony Carr (ds). This features eight compositions all of which are originals;here's some more info from the sleeve notes.

Ronnie Ross wrote three of them:"Dolphin Square",dedicated to a party at which Zoot Sims was present,once held in a flat there("It must have been a good one,because I don't remember it"):"Cleopatra's Needle"which he describes as an old fashioned 20 bar blues:and the quintet number "Smiling Jack"which he reluctantly confessed is a nickname for Zoot Sims-reluctantly because Zoot doesn't like being called by it.
Bill Le Sage contributed two titles "Stand By"and"Two Castles"."Tibufa"intricately derived by assembling syllables taken from certain parts of the human anatomy is by Art Elefsen.Spike Heatley wrote the very intriguing"Eucalyptus Kid"while Les Condon provided "U69".

This remains a very expensive lp and has never made it to cd so I was dead chuffed to pick up a mint Japanese 180g reissue at a very reasonable price from disquesdessinee in Hyogo,Japan.I ripped it on first play at 320 so the sound is excellent -Happy New Year!!!


Pekis said...


Thanks for Curtis Amy "Mustang" !

tavanadaniel said...

I just discovered your blog. great. very good music. you made me a great new year gift with this Ronnie Ross album. I'm running after it for a long time...
I don't chase much more jazz lp's (I've too many) but this one was on my list !!!
I run 4 blogs since a few month. The main one on female jazz singer and more.., an other one in french about jazz in fiction literature, and I just started a new one for jazz saxes. the last one is about Tahiti (family business !).
I'll link your blog on mines if you're ok.
visit me at www.shesingsjazzandmore.blogspot.com
ps if you're looking for some special lp (saxes), just ask.

Robin Timmers said...

Thanx for all da phonqui musica! I wanna link ya to from one of my blogspits, u think it okay?

love + best wish

bacoso said...

carry on linking chaps !

Jonne said...

killer record! killer blog! damn..thank you!

bacoso said...

jonne-check out down in the village which i have just posted-you'll love that as well

sofie said...

thanks for the wonderful blog. by far one of the best i have found, and ALWAYS quality. bless!

Farlac said...

hi. Would it be possible to re-post Ronnie Ross - Cleopatra's Needle? I looked for any other blogs that might have it posted first, but, no luck.


Anonymous said...

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