14 January 2007


Joe Henderson from 1972 on Milestone records-here's the line up and Joe's original sleeve notes:
Bass - Dave Holland
Bass [Electric] - Ron Carter (tracks: A1, B3)
Congas - Airto Moreira (tracks: B1) , Ralph MacDonald (tracks: A1)
Drums - Jack DeJohnette
Engineer - Elvin Campbell
Flute - Joe Henderson (tracks: A1, B2)
Flute [Alto] - Joe Henderson (tracks: A1, B1, B2)
Guitar - Georg Wadenius (tracks: A1, B1, B2, B3)
Mastered By - Ray Hagerty
Percussion - Airto Moreira (tracks: B1, B2) , Joe Henderson (tracks: A1, B1) , Ralph MacDonald (tracks: A1, B3)
Piano - George Cables (tracks: B2)
Piano [Electric] - George Cables (tracks: A1, A2, B1, B3) , Jack DeJohnette (tracks: B2)
Producer - Orrin Keepnews
Saxophone [Soprano] - Joe Henderson (tracks: B1, B2)
Saxophone [Tenor] - Joe Henderson
Synthesizer - David Horowitz (tracks: A1, B1, B3)
Notes: The original idea for this album was to approach it entirely from the standpoint of having no pre-conceived ideas (i.e., melodies, themes, bar lines, etc.) for the musicians to relate to.
However, after listening to a tape copy of one segment of the original session, I became aware of further possibilities. Making full use of 16-track tape, we could add to and improve upon what had allready been recorded by multiple overdubbing of new parts, by myself and others, that would become permanent additions to the track. So I proceeded, after the fact (hence its title Foregone Conclusion), to create a continuous pattern that would effectively support what had allready been laid down.
As for the other numbers here, with the exception of Vis-A-Vis (which somehow managed not to defect from the original non-framework idea), the track concept was used extensively throughout.

Now here's a review from Jason Witherspoon -he's obviously a big fan of Henderson's 70s output for Milestone-check out the rest of his musings at Kosmigroove.

Black is the Color (of My True Love's Mind): the holy effin' grail of this era. Core tracks recorded by Cables, Holland, & DeJohnette, then extensively overdubbing, including David Horowitz' synthesizer, George Wadenius' electric guitar, Airto's percussion, & even a turn from DeJohnette on electric piano. From the opening cut, the 12 minute "Terra Firma", you know you've died & gone to Kozmigroov heaven. Very similar to Miles of this era in terms of sonic overload, but more intricate & complex overall. But it grooves like a motherfucker, too! Great beyond words. "Vis-a-Vis" is the only straight cut (no overdubs), but it just serves to nicely link to the past & show what a smoking session they had to play w/in the studio! "Foregone Conclusion" is a nice hard funk cut, intensely soulful, that quickly heads out into the stratosphere w/distorto-sax & electrobleepage aplenty. "Black is the Color" is a pretty, layered ballad w/plenty of intense peaks; but proves to be the calm before the storm that is "Current Events". It starts w/some spooky electronic atmospherics & rain jungle percussion, some excellent quizzical bass soloing from Holland plays against the increasingly wild analog synth washes & pans, then Henderson comes in echoing & raging & everyone plays beautifully off of each other up to several stunningly wild finales. One of the peak musical events of my life.

Big thanks to Sheldon for cropping the lp cover photo for me.This is ripped from the original vinyl but I believe it made a reissue on cd some years ago coupled with In Pursuit Of Blackness.


H.Jackson said...

damn. . .a terrific album.

thank you.

philip said...

When I used to live in Nottingham in the mid 90's i briefly lived across the road from a DJ who played lots of this type of music and through him I used to hang out with a few jazz players.

Finding this site has been an absolute joy, I dont like everything that is here, but rejoice that it is, because I missed music like this and never knew much about the artists, and not having the money to pay for rare discs anymore I find this place has done more to educate me than anything I have come across previously. Thanks a lot, please keep blowing my mind

hevisto said...

Huge record. Thanks!

s o l e p o w e r said...

such a bloody great album...the funk just never ever gets off that pedestal...it really is perfected music this..

I'm trying to create a blog dedicated to this supernatural side of soul and one of my first posts is a real good mix i purchased myself.....bacoso, I would be honoured if you'd check it out and tell me what u think of it


Robert said...

Rapidshare deleted the link containing this album...
what a shame,I was fiending to listen to this

bacoso said...

link is back up

Robert said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Tyler said...

rapidshare pulled the link again i think...

Scottrates said...

yeah, rapidshare pulled it. i've been looking for this album for a while - could someone PLEASE put this up? Thanks in advance - i'll be back to this site, it's great

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Joe said...


Your blog is wonderful. Unfortunately, the Rapidshare link for "Black is the Colour" is down. I've been looking for a kozmigroov fix, and this sounds like it might be the ticket.

Could you please re-upload the link? I'd REALLY appreciate it! Thanks!


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