18 January 2007


Jack McDuff
on Chess from 1976 with this funky platter which features one of the worst covers I have ever seen(god knows where Grand Royal are coming from -a good cover ???).However,this features one of my perennial favourites from my early days of jazz funk "Juju" (what a bass line!) and the rest of it's grooves along really nicely especially "Electric Surf Board" and "Dit Da Dit".Anyway read what the Dusty Groove have to say on the subject:

A lost electric groover from Brother Jack McDuff! Although this album got a bad rap in an early issue of Grand Royal as one of the "10 Most Disappointing Albums with Good Covers of All Time" (or something like that), it's actually a pretty groovy album that has Brother Jack playing electric keyboards amidst uptempo arrangements by Billy Jones of Brother To Brother (who were sharing the All Platinum umbrella label at the time with McDuff). Sure, the record's got a groovy cover of a nude model with a "digital" chastity belt over her cleanly-shaved privates (which might imply to some that the record would be a total funk LP), and the sound is a bit more like uptempo club jazz. But even if the cover and music don't match, the record's a nice groover that has Jack trying to hit the same sort of style that Johnny Hammond was getting with Larry Mizell.
Bass - Frank Prescod
Congas, Percussion - Craig Derry (2) , Scott Saunders (tracks: A2, B1)
Drums - Arnold Ramsey (tracks: B2) , Clarence Oliver (tracks: A2, A3) , Joe Corsello (tracks: B3) , Scott Schoer (tracks: A1) , Ted McKinsey (tracks: A4, B4)
Guitar - Billy Jones (tracks: A2-A4, B1-B3) , Robert Banks (tracks: A1, B4) , Walter Morris (tracks: A1)
Mixed By - Richard Corcello
Percussion - Billy Jones (tracks: A2)
Piano - Brian Cuomo (tracks: B1)
Producer - Billy Jones
Saxophone, Flute - Joe Farrell (tracks: A1-A4, B3)

Ripped from the original vinyl at 320.
Thanks a lot to Rui from Okinawa for the cover photo-more McDuff soon !


slam630 said...


I'm new here and can't find any download links? Am I blind?


Camber said...

Blind? Sort of...yes.

Click on the first 2 word in the post and see what you get.


thanx for the up.


Robert said...

Hi Bacoso,
Thanks for this gem!!
If possible,that would be awesome if you could write a post down the road about how you developed your passion for music especially the soulful stuff

rw said...

Greetings from Okinawa!
to return the favour of your generosity and puurrfect taste in music, are you interested in having a 560x400 size jpg of Sophisticated Funk? Pls. let me know how to send it to you.
The current image is...well - does no justice to Brother Jack. ;-)

bacoso said...

jazz-nekko:that would be great.Can you leave your email address here and i will let you know where to send it.I will delete your address as soon as it appears here-thanks a lot.

rw said...
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Rob G. said...

Awesome. I own a totally shredded copy of this, even the cover is in two pieces, that I got in a lot purchase, so I've never actually heard it.

Thanks for the McDuff. Huge fan and sorry to see so little of the man's work on CD.

Robin Timmers said...

once more da funk itself, thanx Bacoso!

lots of LOVE & best wish


Richard said...

Loving the revisionist version of Electric Surfboard - a nice change of pace from the surf-ish guitar and hammond of McDuff's original :-)


Licorice Pizza said...

I checked the vaults and saw McDuffs "Honeydripper" maybe that is the reason for the "Chastity Belt"???? Well it could be! LP

ramson_knowling said...


Pekis said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks !!!

Groovin' Dan said...

So good, so good... this and the Ray Bryant are totally kicking my ass right now! Thanks a million!

Taro said...

I may not be blind like the commenter "slam630" said about trouble finding the link....But, every time I try to download your Jack_McDuff.rar file it comes up as an empty 8KB folder.

Yes, beggers-can't-be-choosers but what gives?

bongolampo said...

great post .. i love her pants,
thank you.

Den said...

"I love her pants"
haha. good one.
Yeah, they really rarely make CD covers this bold anymore, at least, not in Jazz.
Maybe metal, or russion club...
Hey, you get sold funk inside that, Mister. Deep and juicy!

The RS link still works, and so do I!
Thanks for all the work in keeping this great soul jazz alive. SWEET!

den nc usa