22 January 2007


Erwin Lehn hits it with his big band for MPS from 1974 -a killing swinging session with the wipe out tune "Color".Have a read of the review at Music Direct:

As they say: «Wonders never cease»! Who’d have believed that the disco kids of today would dance to a radio dance orchestra performing big band jazz? The excerpt “Color” on the “Talkin’ Loud” sampler certainly wets one’s appetite for the full eleven minutes with the Erwin Lehn Orchestra. The album’s motto is “Color In Jazz” and all seven titles of this re-issue are as colourful as a painter’s palette: spicy rhythms in the winds, varied rock and sweet beats, a touch of Latin, lyrical melodies on the flugelhorn, and powerful tuttis are the ingredients mixed together to produce the sound colouring of these compositions by Bernd Rabe (who unfortunately died last year) and Erwin Lehn (an extremely active pensioner).
It would be too simple to simply attach the label “commercial” to this particular area of big band jazz. “Popular” would be more appropriate – an epithet which never troubled swing bands in the USA. Hopefully this re-release will attract new fans to the area of big band swing. Just listen to this album, which can easily hold its own against anything coming from America as far as musical and technical quality are concerned, and you’ll be thrilled!

Exactly-it's fantastic!!!This made a 200g reissue in Europe on vinyl-this post is from the long deleted Japanese cd issue on Polydor.

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ramson_knowling said...

Yeah!! I don't knowed this artist ...great big band!!!

Bacoso .. you're a wonderful oasis in jazz's blogs desert!!!!