27 January 2007


Most Perfect Sound for Don Menza's MPS 1966 modal swinger.Dusty Groove on the case with another review:

Pure genius from the glory days of the Saba/MPS scene! Don Menza was an American player who'd blown some great solos in big band records in the US, but who never got a chance to cut an album like this until he hipped on over to the MPS studios in Germany. The set's got a magically dancing feel -- with Menza on tenor, blowing in front of a tight septet that swings with a hard, tight, and rhythmic sound! Menza's tone is incredible -- like hearing a player that you know should be famous, and being amazed at the tightness, economy, and imagination he manages to pack into such a small space. Great stuff throughout -- with tracks that include "Devil's Disciples", "New Spanish Boots", "Oliver's Twist", "Morning Song", and the great modal groover "Cinderella's Waltz".
Ripped at 320 from the cd reissue.


Patricia said...

Thanks Bacoso for putting this one up . I had wondered about it .
A great session ? No . Not bad , but not top shelf either . The writing was pretty bland for the most part . I did like the arrangement of When Johnny Comes Marching Home ; the playing on it reminded me a little of Tubby Hayes . Too bad it was so brief . There were times particularly on Devil's Disciples and Oliver's Twist , that Menza played a lot of notes to very little effect . The title track put me to sleep .

Richard said...

Great stuff. Any idea of the personnel? Googled unsucessfully.

freddydwight said...

Menza was a mid-level cat who had some flashes of brilliance. this is a very nice find. tyvm.

El Swami Hermitus Solus said...

How can i have missed that one ?!?

I Need bigger 'glasses


El Swami

pipie said...

I'm really interested in hearing this, but the link is down. Any chance for a re-up? Thanks for putting up such a diverse set of music, perfect for an ADD record junkie like me.

2bad said...
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2bad said...
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2bad said...
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2bad said...

The Rapidshare link is dead (surprise, surprise) but Manepipoca (http://manepipoca.blogspot.com/) put his on Mediafire so it's still there -- que suerte!


Feliz navidad a bacoso y a Don Menza y a todo!