23 January 2007


Heads Up Everybody - Introducing Crabbit and Daft.
There's a new (or maybe not so new to some of you!)blog on the block and it's superb.Featuring Jazz in all its forms and genres from Ellington to The Griot Galaxy,Dave Douglas to King Oliver,Art Hodes to Andrew Hill,Art Pepper to Greg Osby this blog covers all the bases.
Whether it's on Blue Note,ECM,Criss Cross,Verve,Mosaic,Black Saint - the list seems endless - if on an independant or a major label -if it's released in Japan,Europe or the USA - Crabbit and Daft has it in hand.
Great write ups with artwork and cover info all included and top quality(320)full album rips with a variety of file types( flac,ogg or mp3)are the order of the day here.
Interested-you should be!
It's one of the best jazz blogs on the web-No contest!


hideo said...

one of the TWO best jazz blogs on the Web ;)

(well actually half-a-dozen or so IF you include the skronkier stuff that I love)

freddydwight said...
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Ernesto said...

Is it a Joke or what?
If is a jocke ... hahhahahhahha
If no xcs%xy¨sß

Sun Ira said...

How did you get sucked into a rope-a-dope like that?