28 January 2007



Charly Antolini with another MPS session this time from 1966 and this line up:
Dieter Reith-Organ;Peter Witte-Bass;Bernd Fischer-Alto;Joki Freund-Tenor;Johnny Feigl-Baritone;Conny Jackel-Trumpet;Gerhard Lachmann-Trombone.
Swiss born drummer Antolini became famous for his clockwork-like precision and dynamic power.This is his famous debut for MPS as a leader,featuring a set of tight ensemble pieces which work as a compact frame for his vigorous drum solos.
Ripped at 320 from the MPS remastered CD reissue.


hevisto said...

Indeed. Between you and the Swami we are learning about some MPS goodness. Thank you for the lessons. If you have any more electric freaked out MPS from a couple years forward I am sure people would be into it...

Thank you.

faslimy said...

MPS kicks ass, thx for these latest ones. Always a new discovery for me.

Rob G. said...

Is rapidshare acting up for anyone else? Seems like I'm only getting partial files here and elsewhere.

El Swami Hermitus Solus said...

:) I was going to post that up next

haha ! your quicker bro'

great job , again !

El Swami

ish said...

Pickin' up some of your older posts. Thanks!

Tomaso Alba said...

Tremendous!!!! It reminded me of Blakey and Jimmy Smith but with a different tempo, I suppose is the swiss influence.

Great discovery!!!

Thanks Bacoso