9 December 2006


On this post it's Pharoah tearing it up over the top of high energy descarga styled mayhem on the best tracks(The Dues Payer /Dorian/Midnight Montuno)contrasted with some boogaloo based funky short tunes.
This is a bit of a strange one that's been issued in a number of ways-the rip here is the 6 track version titled as above but there is another lp on Trip called Speak!Oh Pharoah with the same music but a couple more short tunes .Confused?You will be when you now read this from the Pharoah Sanders Select Discography and even I am lost about the cover art comment.
"Here's a real mystery. This alleged Pharoah album is a re-packeged (pre-packaged?) version of an equally mysterious album credited to Juan Amalbert's (later Emanuel Rahim of Kahlios fame) Latin Jazz Quintet with guest Pharoah Sanders The cover art (different on each version) looks to be about the same time as Tauhid, otherwise I'm clueless as to the vintage of this recording. Funky New York Afro-Cuban jazz recording with maddeningly incomplete and unspecific liner notes. The music is soulful boogaloo, with occasional lapses into protosalsa and bigband souljazz. Hard to tell in a horn-heavy album, but Pharoah seems to have one solo vehicle, where he sounds really out of place in front of a way-way in horn section and funky rhythm section. There's a story here, I wish I knew it! See also OH, PHAROAH SPEAK! in the guest artist album listings. "

Let's confuse things further with this : Emanuel Rahim & the Kahliqs- Total Submission which is again basically the same album but issued on Cobblestone in 1972 with a slightly different track listing !!!Then that got reissued on Muse with a different cover !
So if any of you can shed further light on this recording it will be welcolmed in the comments.


ramson_knowling said...

Here a cover front with more quality :


By the way , in comments of Lee Morgan's post , you will can find a link with bonus tracks not on lee morgan's lp.

ramson_knowling said...

...and here other cover with yet more quality , lol!!!!!


bacoso said...

thanks ransome-much better cover picture !

Mystery Poster said...

I have both the Spotlight on Pharoah and the Total Submission LP's; they share 3 (out of 6) tracks as follows:

Speak's "Daria" (same timing)
Rahim's "Dorian" (same timing)
Speak's "Midnight Montuno" (longer)
Rahim's "Total Submission" (1m shorter)
Speak's "The Dues Payer" (same timing)
Rahim's "Spirit of Truth" (same timing)

The mix is richer on the Kahliqs LP put out on Cobblestone, best cover too!

I might be posting the latter sometime.


Simon666 said...

Digging deep down here in your blog and loving every minute, thanks Bacoso!

peskypesky said...

freaky! Pharoah playing latin jazz??? I'd never heard of such a thing. But as a big Pharoah fan, I must download and hear this. Thank you!

peskypesky said...

ahhh...this is smokin'

S. said...

great post, thanks!