7 December 2006


Great bit of hard bop from 1967 with the added bonus of Oliver Nelson on couple of tunes and some fairly typical Morgan compositions -here's what they think of it at Dusty Groove.

A unique session by Lee Morgan that not only has him playing with a strong quintet that includes Joe Henderson and McCoy Tyner -- but which also features two tracks by a larger band conducted by Oliver Nelson, swinging hard in a really soulful style! Nelson's arrangements on these two tracks are great -- quite progressive, with a soul jazz big band style that seems to point the way towards the 70s -- and the band provides a raging backdrop that lets Lee's trumpet soar over the top in beautiful crystal clear solos. The quartet tracks are equally nice very much in the spirit of Morgan's other incredible work of the time and tracks include "Nite Flite", "Delightful Deggie", "Ca-Lee-So", and "Zambia".
This one had had a recent reissue on cd in Japan and an 80s reissue on vinyl and cd in the USA-sounds easy to find but it aint!
PLEASE NOTE-4 tracks are wrongly titled on the down load.
Ca-Lee-So should be Yesterday and vice versa.
Zambia shuld be Sunrise Sunset and vice versa.
Ransome Knowling has also been good enough to upload the bonus tracks from his US cd version of this album-here's the link


Stefan Wood said...

This has been reissued on cd in the US, as part of the Collector's Choice series in the mid 90's. Great album!

bacoso said...

stefan-you are correct-never seen a copy myself but i believe it has bonus tracks after doing a bit of research.Looks like I shall have to try and track one down!Thanks

faslimy said...

Nice post, I didn't know about this one.

Are you sure the tracklisting is correct though? I can clearly hear the Yesterday melody on track 03 - Ca-Lee-So

bacoso said...

sounds like the tracks got scrambled in the up load-will check it later and leave a correction note in the text.Thanks for the comment.

ramson_knowling said...

Hi folks!!
I don't have downloaded this album cause of I already have it from cd.

My album have 10 tracks and I can upload tracks not included on release posted here or upload full album .Tracks of my release are :

Lee Morgan with big band

Lee Morgan, Ernie Royal (tp) Tom McIntosh (tb) Jim Buffington (frh) Don Butterfield (tu) Phil Woods (as, fl) Wayne Shorter (ts) Danny Bank (bars, bcl, fl) McCoy Tyner (p) Bob Cranshaw (b) Philly Joe Jones (d) Oliver Nelson (arr)
Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, April 8, 1966

1719 tk.3 Sunrise, Sunset Blue Note BLP 4243
1720 tk.17 The Delightful Deggie Blue Note CDP 7 84243-2
1721 tk.25 Fille of Soul (Hoppin' John) -
1722 tk.35 Yesterday Blue Note BLP 4243
1723 tk.36 Zambia Blue Note CDP 7 84243-2
1724 tk.43 Need I? -
* Lee Morgan - Delightfulee Morgan (Blue Note BLP 4243, CDP 7 84243-2)

Lee Morgan Quintet

Lee Morgan (tp) Joe Henderson (ts) McCoy Tyner (p) Bob Cranshaw (b) Philly Joe Jones (d)
Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, May 27, 1966

1739 tk.4 Nite-Flite Blue Note BLP 4243
1740 tk.5 Zambia -
1741 tk.20 The Delightful Deggie -
1742 tk.21 Ca-Lee-So -
* Lee Morgan - Delightfulee Morgan (Blue Note BLP 4243, CDP 7 84243-2)

bacoso said...

ransome-can you upload and leave a link in the comments for the tracks not on my rip please-thanks a lot.

ramson_knowling said...

Four tracks not included on LP are here :


Nigel said...

Great LP, could you put the right track listing please

Nigel said...

Thanks and keep up the great work

rap said...
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