25 December 2006


Here's a little something to listen to while the rest of the house watch interminable repeats and piss poor Xmas specials on the TV. Personally I shall spend the day drinking heavily and will have hopefully passed out by the time the truly appalling Eastenders is on.

Larry Young on Blue Note with George Benson-Guitar ;Eddie Gladden-Drums;Byard Lancaster-Sax (Alto) ;Herbert Morgan-Sax (Tenor).
Larry sits deep in the groove for this outing from 1968."Heaven on Earth"and "The Infant" are both solid hunks of funk while "The Cradle" and "Call Me" have a funky bossa feeling.Keeping it in the family he called the Mrs in to do a vocal on "My Funny Valentine"which really tested my patience under a pair of headphones (but not as much as Chet Baker's endless versions).Best tune for me is"The Hereafter"which is a more open ended exploratory piece which signals the sound Larry would develop on the great "Mothership" in the following year.
This has yet to make it to an individual cd issue although it was included in the Larry Young Mosaic Box Set .This post is a rip at 320 from the original vinyl.


magnum said...

Hi gezzer a happy sloshed yule to ya and all dig the larry

John said...

I've read some reviews that describe this album as a mediocre entry in Young's discography, but all in all I'm more than satisfied. The guy has a sound that is so uniquely his that every time I hear him play I snap to attention to immediately. Gotta love the Young.

Nando said...

HI!, Bacoso,can you re-up this LP? I want to know more about Larry Young. By the way, I´m looking for the piece "Feel for the Fire", from Young too. Thanks and more happiness... pax...

jpo said...

yes please re-up!!!!!!
i have this at 128--would love to hear your rip