10 December 2006


This LP (which has been included in Joe Henderson's eight-CD complete Milestone box set) has quite a few classic moments. At that point in time, tenor saxophonist Henderson was a sideman with Herbie Hancock's Sextet, so Hancock was happy to perform as a sideman, doubling on piano and electric piano, with the all-star group, which also includes trumpeter Mike Lawrence, bassist Ron Carter and drummer Jack DeJohnette. Highlights are many including the original version of "Black Narcissus," "Isotope," a lyrical rendition of "Lazy Afternoon," and the free-form "Foresight and Afterthought."
- Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Never reissued apart from a brief showing as a single cd and as the boxset mentioned


the man cable said...

Very nice ... thanks a lot!

Guy said...

This is one of the best Joe Henderson albums I've heard -- up there with his best Blue Notes.

Frank said...

When signing up for rapidshare account, is it only good on this website or can it be used at other sites that use rapidshare for downloading?


Sylvain L. said...

Monsieur Bacoso, your vinyl library must be from another planet. So much Jazz indulgence is simply insane.
Keep up the great posts.

And as I recently moved to Amsterdam, I take this opportunity to inform everybody living here that there's a great jazz club one cannot miss: Bimhuis (bumhuis.nl).


bacoso said...

sylvain-yes I know the Bimhuis been there a couple of times.Used to go to a place called de krug(?)years ago but it had gone last time i visited.I have been to Amsterdam about 15 times over the years-a GREAT place-what a wonderful city to live in!(And I don't even smoke weed!!!)

Dr. Jazz Ph.D. said...

This album was just reissued as part of the Keepnews Collection - a series of releases Concord is doing to honor Orrin Keepnews and the players he brought into the recording studio once their Blue Note contracts had expired. Orrin's liners for this reissue are particularly interesting. He shares many personal anecdotes about Joe as a person and an underappreciated player. It also touches on the confoundation which Orrin and Joe both confronted when the 90s hit and Joe was receiving acclaim, greater CD sales and even Grammy awards left and right.

1009 said...

Link seems to have died ... any chance of a re-post?


Dave said...

is any way i can have the link to those 2 joe henderson ?