13 December 2006


Harold Land : tenor saxophone, oboe
Ndugu (Leon Chancler) : drums
Buster Williams : Fender bass, acoustic bass
Bill Henderson : electric piano, acoustic piano
Oscar Brashear : trumpet, flugelhorn
1. Step Right Up To The Bottom (4:40) [Harold Land]
2. In The Back, In The Corner, In The Dark (5:48) [Harold Land]
3. Pakistan (7:58) [Harold Land]
4. Chocolate Mess (7:31) [Harold Land]
5. Damisi (9:08) [Harold Land]

As the last Harold Land LP was so popular I thought I'd post another one from 1972.
"Step Right Up From The Bottom"is a straight ahead acoustic cooker by Land with some intriguing changes allowing the soloists to stretch out.
"In The Back etc"has a funky feeling- electric keyboards and bass,Brashaer on flugelhorn and the two horns interweaving in a complex,collectivly improvisational finish.
Land plays Oboe on "Pakistan"and its exotic tone is well suited to its dark mood.Brashaers muted trumpet and Hendersons Tyneresque piano contribute to the adventurous piece.Back on tenor Land plays Ndugu's"Chocolate Mess" on which brief ensemble statements alternate with a sustained minor vamp.
"Damisi"is an attractive melodic creation,featuring Land at his most intense on two burning solos seperated by trumpet and piano passages.

This made a brief appearance on cd re-issued by Mainstream in London in 1991 with some dismal packaging but notes by Leonard Feather which I adapted for this post.


Patricia said...

I liked Choma , but this one is even better ! This band carved out their own sonic landscape -- Beautiful .

Much thanks for this Bacoso .

If anyone has A New Shade of Blue to share to complete the Land Mainstream trifecta I would be over the moon !

James said...

Again, thanks for all you do, Bacoso. It's much appreciated!

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bacoso said...

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Iain said...

Really sweet post.

sasha said...

Hi there!! Wonderful blog...A real treasure chest..Any chance of a re-up here..The link seems to have gone dead..Many thanks.

Greg said...

hi bacoso
Just ripped this are you ok for me to up it for cheeba's site as this link is dead?

BTW: Am going to drop some vicious latin to follow your lead this week...


bacoso said...

greg-fine with me