3 December 2006


Harold Land- Choma (Burn) (MRL 344) 1971

Not quite fusion not quite new thing not quite bop - just a hard hitting piece of jazz from Harold Land at the start of the 70s.His son is featured with Bill Henderson on both electric and acoustic piano and Bobby Hutcherson is deep in the mix along with pile driving drumming by Woody Theus and Ndugu especially on Black Caucus.This is uncompromising music from Land and his group.

Produced by: Bob Shad
Photography: Dick Sandres
Liner Notes: Leroy Robinson

Harold Land- Tenor Sax
N'Dugu- Drums
Bill Henderson- Piano & Electric Piano
Bobby Hutcherson- Vibes and Marimba
Harold Land, Jr.- Piano & Electric Piano
Woody Theus- Drums
Reggie Johnson- Bass
Original vinyl rip -never reissued in any form


Patricia said...

More hard-to-find jazz ! Thanks .
One track from this was on the 1991 Damisi CD but the rest has never been on CD .

Matthew said...

yeah man! i've been looking for this FOREVER!

bobby hutcherson is heroic.

xmnr0x23 said...

...And my first Harold Land! :)

faslimy said...

nice one

Justi said...

this is an introduction for me to a seemingly essential piece. Much thankness to you me friend matey.

Rab Hines said...

Very nice, thanks

LJH said...

request: could you re-up the Sven Libaek: "Inner Space" album again?

much appreciated!

Jess said...

This is an absolutely astonishing album--I would call it one of the essential recordings of the 70's, yet I've never even heard it mentioned before. Why hasn't it ever been re-released on CD?

Rockin' Rich said...

Wow! Thanks for turning me on to Land. He is awesome; an amazing combination of rhythm and lyricism. Would love to hear more. Thank you a million times!

E-mile said...

hi Bacoso, please re-up, would also be nice in Greg's soon-to-be complete Mainstream catalogue :-)
DON"t post this COMMENT, I dunno how far the sneak preview is from seeing the light of day, so....
He who is taming Lions is going for the red ones!
peace, E-mile

bacoso said...

e-mile:you left the comment so its now posted-as it clearly says on the top left of this blog "THERE IS NO COMMENT MODERATION".You comment - it shows up so you will need to delete it yourself.Choma might get a repost in the future but as I am away on holiday for a week from tomorrow don't hold your breath.