13 December 2006


One of my favourite lps this is a real beauty on Argo from 1964. Gene Shaw leads a great group including Charles Stepney on Vibes,Richard Evans on bass and Ed Higgins on piano-it also features Evans as composer and arranger.As the tile suggests it's a series of pieces with a real south of the border flavour which work beautifully.I won't pontificate on about this gem -just do yourself a favour and down load it.Highly recommended.
All Killer - No Filler !!!
Hard to track down on vinyl I picked this up on a Japanese cd some years ago.Needless to say thats been long deleted.


David said...

hey bacoso - right on man. best resource for rare-hard-to-get-hold-of real jazz music for all us real jazz heads who know where the real vibe is at. keep on man. please. your collection is diamond. discovering a lot of vinyl never been privy to myself. gonna rip some of my albums and up them as a way to say thank you. we take and and take and its so nice to give a little back. (your resource also saves me time ripping some of the same albums we share - gonna take the rest of my life to rip them all :-). thanks again maaan. you da man!
have a very merry christmas and a funky new year...

audio voyeur said...

I have to agree entirely with what David says above....Bacoso is right on the money each and every post!! I have been downloading his collection for over 6 months now, and learnt so much about artists I already thought I knew. Through Bacoso's passion and enthusiasm to spread the word we are all very privilaged to hear music that we may otherwise never experience.
Keep diggin' whilst we dig.....you dig!

chaamba said...

Thanks Bacoso for this wonder.

One of my most cherished albums already. Great !

les said...

Never heard of this guy before, but as usual, you come through with a killer artist and album. His playing is so precise I sometimes think I'm listening to Donald Byrd. His technique is flawless. Thanks.

Roctopus said...

i have the great fortune and mis fortune of finding this site. so many great albums, unfortunately meany are dead posts. is it possible for you to reupload this? i came across it while looking for bennie maupin (also dead). keep up the great work.


cold said...

thank you so much!

Nima Benoir (sLsM) said...

Hi Bacoso, don't know how old your post is but would you like a photo of Gene to post on this page? Let me know.

raybo said...


This site has complete track and personnel info for all of Gene's LPs.

This is a killer album!!!