21 December 2006


Bah Humbug - here's my only concession to the festive season.Bombarded with shite Christmas songs from all directions (Take That AND Cliff Richard-what a double whammy for complete bollocks this year.One old c**t against five young but even bigger c**ts - tis the season to be utterly despondent if you are within a mile of a radio etc)
But Ho Ho Ho here's Duke striking back with a jazz Christmas Cracker.Yes it sounds like it should be crap-but it aint!!!
Duke pulls in Bob Cranshaw,Mickey Roker,and Airto for a selection of festive tunes and a very fine spin he puts on them too.The concept appears to be hokey as hell but the reinterpretations are cliche free and have some great moments.As I said I hate Christmas music(if i hear that bloody Slade record again I will pay for someone to shoot Noddy's fucking nuts) but this is really very good.
Ripped from Duke's Mosaic Select set at 256.
Seasons Greetings from Orgy In Rhythm.


benperry.net said...

thanks! (your blog is my fave)

manuel3 said...

A BLESSED CHRISTMAS 2 U SIR!!! Thank u 4 all ur work...this blog slams!!!

Andy said...

Whoa! This one's hard to find! You're always coming up with the surprises.

pastyhead said...

ho ho ho ....my hanson :)

Pekis said...

Hello, Shakespeare :)

Could you please re-up "Salt Song" from Stanley Turrentine ?

I'm also desperately lookin' for
- "Nightwings" (1977)
- "West side Highway" (1977)
- "The Man with the Sad Face" (1976)
(also from Stanley Turrentine)

Thanks, anyway !

Juan said...

thanks for your hard work!

Michael said...

Thanks a lot! As you said, wary of christmas albums too but this was a nice listen, actually played it several times over and really some neat takes on the songs.

eff said...

01 DEC 2010 and the link is still alive - Thank you dear sir !

missing SFRP and hope it returns soon

esstee said...

Any chance of a little Christmas cheer here in mid-Dec 2010 with a repost of the link to this? Make my Christmas merry! :^)