20 December 2006


Hard to track down bit of fusion from Bennie Maupin cut for Mercury in 1977.Pat Gleeson is featured on synthesizers and Onaje Allen Gumbs as conductor and arranger.Here's a review I lifted from Boom Ping Ping:

On 1977's excellent Slow Traffic to the Right,
Bennie Maupin
takes comparatively contemporary looks at his pair of contributions to Herbie Hancock's Crossings and is joined by two fellow and key vets of that session: Eddie Henderson and Dr. Pat Gleeson. (Also on board: Patrice Rushen, Blackbird McKnight, Ralph Armstrong.) A barely recognizable "Water Torture" is tightened from 14 to five minutes, anchored by a pliant rhythm. "Quasar," the finale, isn't as drastically overhauled but is made to sound more like a theme. Much of this is due to the change in Gleeson's role. On Crossings, his synthesizer interjections are delivered as effect-like enhancements; here, his machines hurl a vein-melting crescendo of synthesized strings that double with actual strings. Like Maupin's other two '70s albums, Jewel in the Lotus (ECM) and Moondreams (Mercury), Slow Traffic to the Right has never been released on CD.
Ripped from the original vinyl at 320.


vangarmen said...

Thanks for this post, but track 6 - Quasar - is corrupt.


bacoso said...

try this- Double click the .rar file and right click on the music folder. Select "repair archive" and a small window will appear proccessing the repair. You dont have to do something other than wait for it to finish. When it is over, a new .rar archive is created, with the repaired files in it. Unrar from this new file and you are done...

Robert said...

thanks for this!!
My first introduction to Bennie Maupin was listening to "Water Torture" on a double cd compilation that came out on Verve Records in 95.
I have to visit much more often and again it's really appreciated!!
I'm coming from an hiphop background and would love to learn more about jazz.

dom.goldberg said...

Top top blog, you should put on a night somewhere

Swami Hermitus Solus said...

Wow how do you come up with such nice stuff ?!?

A big thank you !

Nicely done Again Bacoso!

Peace !

El Swami Hermitus

vangarmen said...

Thanks for the tip, bacoso. It worked.

joe gumbo said...

i'm a mac user, bacoso...
any idea how i can open it?

if i doubleclick it just tries to open
where do i find the music folder?
where's 'repair archive'

sorry to be a pain,
any help would be appreciated

xmnr0x23 said...

Woa... Am working through my, by now huge, Bacoso grooves backlog and am stuck listening to this record. Great music!!! Sipping on some wine right now, and relaxing.


joe gumbo said...

downloaded it twice
still didnt open

anyone out there know how?

(thanks again bacoso... no offense intended)

Joel said...
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Joel said...

Top post, for real! Sweet sounding record, gotta love that production, great songs and playing too.

lyndon said...

Man!,, I have been looking for this for years! I got the album but i wanted am mp3.

Thank you! my ears thanks you.

Now I can...... :)

lyndon said...

Explain to my Son, what is Soul..

This was the first Album I purchased.

Alvin said...

This was my first Bennie Maupin Album. Sophisticated funk and soothing jazz.

tatumanu said...

The 1st few seconds of the 1st track and the 3rd track are cut down ... which is a shame since this a really good quality rip of a pretty good vinyl... anyways MANY THANKS!! hope youll be able to rip it again, its a pitty cause you have a pretty good vinyl... ooo and covers would be cool! agains thank you for this, you made my day

tony7 said...

i would really be grateful if i could get slow traffic to the right it the best

bacoso said...


tony7 said...

how and where can i download this album

nylis said...

a great recording, thank you!

DeClicker in default mode safely removes even discreet clicks,
noise floor of the gaps fades (in/out) away,
the very first 0,150 sec of track 03-Water Torture must be cut from the end of track 02-Eternal Flame and
lp cover for cd painting may be taken from discogs.com

a great album. thanks again, n.