11 November 2006


Those lovely chaps over at The WonderfulSound Libraries have been busy putting together their November Radio Show and its now available at www.wonderfulsound.com/radio.htm
The usual eclectic eccentric mix of music is on offer as always but as an added winter warmer bonus I popped into the studio with them and pulled together a mix of tunes inspired by my recent travels in Egypt.
Who would have thought a radio show could play Jake Thackeray AND Duke Ellington;Colorama AND Ahmed Abdul Malik;Zooey AND Salah Ragab?
Get your fingers out of your ears and give The WonderfulSound Libraries a listen!


Anonymous said...

wow great show! i loced all the salah ragab you posted previously.... EGYPT STRUT and NEVEEN are two really tight tunes! do you have any other egyptian stuff up your sleeves?
thanks for all the great listening!

Stan said...

Absolutely enjoyed the show .... more people need to listen and they definately will.

Esp. dug the number with the egyptian flute and harp with the cello backing....really dope!


bobthiele said...

mr bacoso

bobthiele said...

Great show.....Mr Bacoso!! all my friends....Alice and Leon and Salah and duke, Peace and Love BT