6 November 2006


A rarity from Alegre Records this is the Brussels born Belgian pianist Vladimir Vassilief's one and only lp.Moving to Boston after a youth spent in Canada he quickly caught latin fever and spent some tme gigging around Boston night spots playing latin standards and cha cha chas.But he wanted to play more involved Cuban and latin jazz rhythms so he packed his bags and upped to New York where he put together this great piece of latin music which moves from boogaloo to mambo to jazz.The lp features Bobby Porcelli,Bobby Rodriguez,Many Duran ,Ismail Quintana,Harry Bongo Rodriguez ,Nick Ramos and Phil Newsum along with sleeve notes from his mentor and friend Charlie Palmieri.
This made a limited vinylrelease in Japan in 1993 but no cd-this is ripped from the japanese re-issue.


Reza said...

Playing again ...www.elreza.blogspot.com
up pub on tha weekend ?

Yair said...

Rare but very good indeed.
Thanks a lot.

1Surfrider said...

Always up for some new latin jazz, thanks.

b9e53a92-dabd-11e0-a0d8-000bcdcb2996 said...

Thank you so much. I've been looking for this!! I'm only 18 but I'm always seeking for gems like these. This is totally awesome! I can't thank you enough =)