3 November 2006


Tito cut this firin' blend of descargas,latin jazz,mambos,boleros and bugaloos for Tico in 1968.Although he despised the bugaloo his later 60s lps saw the funky r&b influenced sound become more evident and on this outing there are a couple of good examples - "Aqui" and "Fat Mama"(a response to Charlie Palmieri's "Fat Papa").These are balanced out with some storming mambos and descargas-"Algo Nuevo","Chan" and "Africana"and a nice latin jazz version of Nat Adderley's "Work Song".
Produced by the ever dependable Pancho Cristal this is a good example of Puente's late 60s work which fair sizzles off the wax !!!
This got a limited cd re-issue some years ago which is still available if you dig around for it.The vinyl remains scarce - it never even made it to a dodgy Venezuelan re-press.


pastyhead said...

hi d hi MR>P.. had shit loads of aggrow wiv Rabidshare .. glad 2 say..sort'd & on a download'n trip.. im lov'n it .x pastyhead

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Wonderful album!