8 November 2006


Eddie Palmieri Piano
Rafael DaVila Vocals
Vincent Frisaura Trumpet
Santos Colon Vocals
Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros Trumpet
Israel "Cachao" Lopez Bass
Candido Camero Conga
Tito Puente Percussion, Vibraphone, Timbales
Bobby Rodriguez Bass
Abreu Alfred Sax (Tenor)
Pedro Boulong Trumpet
Francisco Pozo Cowbell
Bobby Porcelli Saxophone
Johnny Pacheco Flute
Charlie Palmieri Piano
Cachao Bass
Pancho Cristal Producer
Alfred Abreu Sax (Tenor)
Jimmy Sabater Timbales
Victor Paz Trumpet
Jose Rodrigues Trombone
John Rodriguez Bongos, Cowbell
José Papo Rodríguez Trombone
José Feliciano Vocals
Barry Rogers Trombone
Ray Barretto Conga Percussion

What a total mother of a line up - when they called 'em The Tico All Stars they weren't fucking about!I've posted the first two albums of the three lp set here-volume one and volume two respectively.As you would imagine these are madly freewheeling, driving,lengthy and intense descarga sessions giving plenty of time for soloing and heated percussion breakdowns.Pick of the pair for me is Volume 2 with the epic sprawling 19 minute Eddie Palmieri composition "Major and Minor"flipped with Joe Cuba's heaviest of thunderous percussion jams "Descarga en Cueros"which must have had the sweat streaming down the walls.Volume one features the banging "Cargas y Descargas", a raw version of the standard"Barquinho" and the stomping "Guajira Controversial". Awesome stuff!
All three of the lps have recently been reissued by Vampi Soul as a double vinyl set or on cd.These two posts have been ripped from the original lps.
If you enjoyed this short series on Tico and Alegre (I am pulling together a Tico Alegre go head to head mix as I write to wrap this theme)there's an excellent article on Tico Records and George Goldner here.


Pekis said...

Ola Bacoso,

Muchas gracias por la buena música.
Wachi Wara !

jwillaum said...

nobody makes music like this anymore ...back my youth i worked the 45 counters of downtown bklyn record stores and was introduced to this music and never stopped listening i think it was cesta that also had a series of these all star bands ?

pastyhead said...

ooohr my hansom...:0) YET ANOTHER "BANG'nBag" of goody's...yr a * Mr.P. xpastyhead

ramson_knowling said...

Great latin-jazz dance music.....thanks, thanks ....THANKSSSSSSSSS. AGAIN A WINNER !!!!

Manuel said...

groooooso. Me partio la cabeza! Guajira es controversia!

tvrda said...

thx man and can you upload part three of this descargas

Luis said...

I cannot download the Descargas songs, any help please!

Thanks, great posting.


Saint Jude said...

Lovely stuff. Belongs to the small selection of recorded live events that I wish I had been there for (Jazz Crusaders-Lighthouse '68; The Specials - Too Much, Too Young).

Sounds like the very first urban rave (I bet it was too. Pupils like dinner plates)

I've been a proud owner of Vol 3 since teenage years (never worked out how a copy made it to the Isle of Wight). Thing is, I'm used to this in STEREO. That is, very stereo. What gives ? Are there two versions ?

I once put the 20 min epic "Descarga de Contrabajos" on CD and sent it to a mate with instructions that he and his girlfriend should drop acid and sit through the whole thing. They did as instructed, and reported that it was a very unusual experience indeed.

Saint Jude said...

...oh, and the suits, baby, the suits !

Easy Jams said...

Get vol 3 here: http://easyjams.blogspot.com/2011/11/tico-all-stars-descargas-vol-3-1966.html