25 November 2006


In 1962, the Paul Winter Sextet became the first group to be sent abroad under the cultural exchange program sponsored by the US State Department when it was selected for a tour of Latin America for President Kennedy's Cultural Exchange Program. The six-month tour of 160 concerts in 23 countries was horizon-expanding, introducing the musicians to new music and, in particular, to the bossa nova.This was the album that resulted from the tour, the music and the musicians they had heard and met in South America.
Probably more latin jazz than bossa but what the hell - who cares about pigeon holing genres .See what you think about it.
This features an old favourite of mine "Journey to Recife" penned by the great Richard Evans.
Interesting to note that the pianist and arranger is none other than Warren Bernhardt who went on to be one of the pioneers of fusion with Brecker et al.


mel said...

What a fantastic surprise - I've been searching for this for a long time. Like you, "Journey To Recife" has been a favorite of mine too.

One problem, two of the files are corrupted and cannot be unzipped. They are "Little Boat" and "Don't Play Games With Me".

But I've got my favorite track and I'm very happy, thanks to you.

bacoso said...

use the repair function to get em unzipped-go back thru the comments on the blog(think it may be the kikuchi post)if you dont know how.

mel said...


You learn something new every day in this game.

Regards and best wishes.

xmnr0x23 said...

This is quite soothing to my ears! Thanks, man...