12 November 2006


Over the past few days I have managed to touch base with most of the genres which I post on this blog - latin,soundtracks,library,fusion,soul jazz....but there's one thing missing-HARD JAZZ!
So have a listento this fantastic full on slab of tough stuff from Norman Connors before he sold out to the commercial soul side of things.
Here's a review from Jason Ankeny at All Music Guide
This album is drummer Norman Connors earliest and most rewarding date as a leader. Recorded with a who's who of fusion titans including trumpeter Eddie Henderson bassist Stanley Clarke, and keyboardist Herbie Hancock, Dance of Magic channels the lessons drummer Norman Connors learned in the employ of Pharoah Sanders, Sam Rivers and Sun Ra, marshaling Latin rhythms, electronic textures, and cosmic mysticism to create nondenominational yet deeply spiritual funk-jazz. The sprawling 21-minute title cut spans the entirety of the record's first half, capturing a monumental jam session that explores the outer edges of free improvisation but never steps past the point of no return. Connors' furious drumming is like a trail of bread crumbs that leads his collaborators back home. The remaining three tracks are smaller in scale but no less epic in scope, culminating with the blistering "Give the Drummer Some."
This has been reissued on cd and vinyl both of which are still widely available.


Payola said...

You're pretty productive today!

Gildas 12 said...

Nice lp for sure

Just a short question: I've never seen this cover before. is it vinyl cover ?

Meaning that one is only CD cover ?

Simon666 said...