17 November 2006


At the dawn of the Reagan years, LA jazz pianist Nate Morgan recorded his first album for Nimbus West. Finally on CD, Journey Into Nigritia portrays an artist marked by the icons of his day, and striving for reinvention. Although he came from a solid jazz background, coming up through the Pan Afrikan People’s Arkestra, Morgan found more exciting work with pop bands in the seventies, including glory years with Rufus w/Chaka Khan. On Journey into Nigritia, Morgan re-embraces jazz. Included in the band are Jeff Littleton on bass, Fritz Wise on drums, and Dadisi Komolafe on alto sax.
The collection opens with the Trane-ish ”Mrafu.” Komolafe blasts off in short order, and while the modal chording recalls Tyner, Morgan shows flashes of the nimble loquacious gift that define him. While Alice Coltrane incense perfumes “Morning Prayer,” Morgan’s devotional sincerity and personnel expression triumph.
Suitably complex with yearning minors, ”Mother” features the trio performing a memorable composition. Littleton’s deep-note sustain contrasts Wise’s shimmering cymbals, while Morgan tells heart-wrenching truth. With a somewhat solemn theme, ”He Left Us a Song” regularly bursts through into straightahead fast break sprints up and down the court. The unexpected “Study in C.T.” offers an homage to Cecil Taylor and Morgan’s musical roots with free improvisations on a dense and spiky theme. The exhilarating result has Morgan exploring his own way, with a winking slinging of jagged bass chords halfway through.
While a quarter century’s experience has nurtured Morgan’s prodigious gifts beyond this ambitious debut, Journey Into Nigritia offers enjoyable insights into his artistic evolution, while adding another precious title to the discography of one of the most woefully under-recorded greats of our time.
Rex Butters@Allaboutjazz
This made a reissue on cd last year but seems to be out of print at the moment-this rip is from the original vinyl.

Track listing: Mrafu; Morning Prayer; Mother; Journey Into Nigritia; He Left Us a Song; Study in CT

Personnel: Nate Morgan, piano; Fritz Wise, drums; Jeff Littleton, bass; Dadisi Komolafe, alto sax.


Anonymous said...

I love this record man, Ms. Coltarne is one of my favs.

ramson_knowling said...

Great album !!!! and one more time outstanding sound to be a vinyl rip!!!
By the way , what turntable's trade-mark you have??

Thanks by all this great music!!!!

bacoso said...
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bacoso said...

ransom-turntable is an early 90s model (bought about 15 years ago) of the Pro-ject mk3 with a heavy cast aluminium and glass platter along with a record clamp.Carbon fibre tone arm and Ortofon 510 mk 11 cartridge with a 530 11 stylus complete the set up.Just for he record this is hooked up to an Arcam A 75 Amp and a Sony RCD 100 audio burner.

ramson_knowling said...

Yeah!!! ....it sound great!!!! ...and remind you ,never restore sound with one of these program to clear the sound ,because if one not is a profesional ,sound achieved not is natural sound (to restore a song of 3 minutes ,a profesional require 1-3 hours of heavy work)


MrC said...


huge thanks

Olav said...

eh, the link does not work. what happened?

chazz said...

I love you web site and have gotten many great items.But I am friend of Tom Albach the owner of Nimbus West.I spoke with him today (he is 83 and still full of piss and vinegar) and he agrees that if a piece is OOP and unavailable DL's are fine.But many folks are taking from his catalogue and the CDs are in print and a mere $12 from www.nibuswest.com.I hope you and El Goog (peace be upon both of you) respect this little outfit.A cut or two is cool but.......Guys like him and Henry Franklin for instance hold their catalogues,haven't been bought out etc.
Hope you can help.