12 November 2006


Masabumi Kikuchi recorded this in 1982 with James Mason as producer and a line up of US fusion session players(listed below) for Columbia Japan. The Miles Davis electric period influences are obvious -long ,sprawling .slowly buiilding tracks often underpinned with heavy bass ostinatos,polyrhythmic patterns,chattering percussion and plenty of room for solo improvisation.Fusion is the word here - just too heavy to be jazz funk although it moves close to it at times.
This is ripped from the Sony Mastersound cd which was re-issued in 1998 and is now long gone to the great deletions bin in the sky.I've looked for the original vinyl for years and have yet to find one.
Alacalder (20:35) Masabumi Kikuchi, keyboards, synthesizer solo; Terumasa Hino, cornet solo; Steve Grossman, soprano saxophone solo; Richie Morales, drums; Victor "Yahya" Jones, drums; Hassan Jenkins, bass; James Mason, guitar; Butch Campbell, guitar; Billy Patterson, guitar; Ronald Drayton, guitar; Airto Moreira, percussion; Aiyb Dieng, percussion, congas; Sam Morrison, wind driver
Sum Dum Fun (5:58) Masabumi Kikuchi, keyboards, synthesizer solo; Steve Grossman, tenor saxophone solo; Richie Morales, drums; Hassan Jenkins, bass; James Mason, guitar; Billy Patterson, guitar; Marlon Graves, guitar; Butch Campbell, guitar; Aiyb Dieng, percussion
Madjap Express (11:20) Masabumi Kikuchi, keyboards, clavinet solo; Terumasa Hino, cornet; Steve Grossman, soprano saxophone solo; Richie Morales, drums; Victor "Yahya" Jones, drums; Hassan Jenkins, bass; James Mason, guitar; Marlon Graves, guitar; Gass Farkon, guitar; Alyrio Lima, percussion; Aiyb Dieng, congas; Sam Morrison, wind driver
Sky Talk (2:50) Masabumi Kikuchi, keyboards; Sam Morrison, wind driver


xmnr0x23 said...

Is this the same "Rhythm Of Life" James Mason? I have that on CD, and I like the album.

LJH said...

I had a problem extracting the first track, Alacalder...

I look forward to the rest of this album though!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your excellent blog.

Kikuchi is amazing. This is what MD should have sounded like in the eighties.

If you can post the James Mason "Rhythm of Life" album, I would be terribly grateful.

xmnr0x23 said...

Sometimes it's ok to snoop around. I've seen it shared already. An lookie-here:


Anonymous said...


Thank you, friend.

Did not see it a few weeks ago, and so assumed it was still unposted. My mistake!

While here, I will highly recommend that listeners who like Masabumi Kikuchi seek out Kochi and Susto, which I have on vinyl, but are readily available on certain blogs.

burgh_man said...

As ljh has said previously, there is a problem extracting track 1 from the archive. Could you please post track 1 separately?

xmnr0x23 said...

There is nothing wrong with it, if you'd just use the 'repair' function of winrar. There's a checksum in there and you can recover it without a problem... Do a google, if you're not in the know.

Anonymous said...

can someone please explain to me how to open the files on a macintosh? i am trying to use unrarX and it isn't happening. i have been trying other programs with little luck or understanding of what i am doing. but the first track definitely isn't working right. thank you for any assistance.

burgh_man said...

RAR repair worked! Thx!

martymartymarty said...

Inded, themommy, going up against RAR functions on a Mac tends to be a high-stress activity which rarely brings any result similar to what the Windows world gets with ease ...

Anonymous said...

well, with that being said i would very much like to get the tracks in question (one from this kikuchi album and one from the most recent sanders share) and if anyone thinks it might be feasible to send them over email or IM or any other way and would be kind enough to help me out-my AIM/ichat name is dumpymama and my email is oslo3000@gmail.com
thank you very much.
is a very nice kikuchi share. this site also has "one way traveller" but it doesn't sound as crisp.

xmnr0x23 said...

A'ight H.Jackson, thanks for the tips. I'll check it out. :)

Strange there's no repair function for you mac users. Can't help you with that, i'm afraid.