24 November 2006


More beautiful funky bossa from the great Joao Donato.

An excellent 70s electric album by Joao Donato one with a funky samba groove that sets it apart from much of his earlier work! The album's got elements of Joao's other 70s electric set -the great Quem E Quem, recorded around the same time, and which was one of Joao's first moves into spacey, fusion-influenced production but it's also got a bit more of a funky groove on some tracks, picking up from his work as an arranger for other Brazilian singers at the time. Joao handled all the arrangements, and played some nice electric keyboards and the rest of the instrumentation includes flute, sax, and percussion, plus drums by Wilson Das Neves.

Reissued on cd and available from Dusty Groove which is also where I lifted this review from.This rip is from the original vinyl.

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Anonymous said...

This looks great - like many of your posts - but there is some hiss and noise on the tracks.

Can you re-up it sometime please?