26 November 2006


Jaime Marques is a Spanish guitarist who has a love for all things Brasilian and on this session with the aid of his group and the great Pedro Ruy-Blas he breezes through a set of bossa grooves .The killer on this set is the monsterous 12 minute bossa to jazz burn out "Vera Cruz" which Paul Murphy cained to hell down at the Electric Ballroom back in the day.
Here's a review from good ol' Dusty Groove:

Beautiful beautiful stuff! This is the classic mid 70's LP by Spanish singer and guitarist Jayme Marques that features a stellar set of Brazilian grooves that includes his legendary 12 minute reworking of Milton Nascimento's "Veracruz". If you know the track, you know the amazing sort of vibe that Jayme gets with the track. The orchestrations are beautiful, and the track is graced by the Fender Rhodes playing of Rafael Ferro and the percussion and singing of Pedru Rui Blas. The rest of the album's great, too, and includes tracks like Ivan Lins' "Las Tres De La Manana", Caetano Veloso's "Irene", and Jayme's own tracks "So Much Feeling (Homenaje A Tete Montoliu)" and "Quem Ta Com Samba". A legendary LP, and a very tough one to find - until now!
Reissued on cd -the lp (as it says)is a hard one to dig up these days.
Ripped from the cd.


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GeeeFlat said...

Hey bacoso, how have you been? I'm desperate for this jaime marques (and another title called berimbao) but the link's gone! any chance ? Let me know. will try to send you an e-mail. hope you're well and thanks again for such great work.

GeeeFlat said...

couldn;t find your e-mail, just had Pekis / Per larsonn. Here's mine in case you can help: g_orhant@hotmail.com. Hope to hear from you.

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GeeeFlat said...

Found the link for this one. Any chance for berimbao? the album is called en directo (RCA /1975)

bacoso said...

GEEEFLAT- flogged it years ago now-didn't rate the lp .so can't help you -sorry.more marques over at killer groove music library however-check my links

El chango Feli said...

A strange mix I would say, not entirely Brazilian, at some moment like latin Bolero, but anyway nice music.

Thanks (3 years after posting)