19 November 2006


Here's a real rarity from the great George Braith which was cut for Prestige in 1967 .I knew nothing about this fantastic piece of wax until I came across this review at Waxidermy
"One of the most unique & beautiful jazz albums I've ever heard! Sounds ranging from exotica with wordless female vocals, to free jazz - often all within the same track. Worlds away from the typical one dimensional soul jazz that Prestige was cranking out at the time, and from most jazz albums that came before it, or after it on any label. For those unfamiliar with Braith, he is most well know as one of the few horn players to embrace Roland Kirks' sticking a bunch of saxophones in your mouth technique. Far from having a large body of work (3 Blue Note lp's and one other on Prestige, if I'm not mistaken) this is considered by many to be his masterpiece. But, his other records are quite good, though different and and a bit more conventional. Highly recommended."
Once I read this I was on the hunt for a copy straight away-having all the Blue Notes he recorded I knew this lp would be a killer and I wasn't wrong.This is how Braith introduces the music in the liner notes.
"My love for sounds has introduced me to improvisational music.Many players are searching for instruments with varied temperaments.The search is justifiable since a definite number of sound vibrations striking one's ears will always produce a tone of a certain pitch.In so called dissonance there is much beauty untold.Spontaneous music fires the imagination ,provokes thought,and provides a keen sense of enjoyment."
Ripped from original Prestige vinyl - this lp has not been re-issued in any format.Be aware my copy of this lp is a first press and has seen better days so there's a fair bit of snap,crackle and pop to add to your musical enjoyment.


who FEELS IT KNOWS IT said...

Hi..Some great stuff coming through..Many thanks.I was wondering if you knew of a site where i can get some hard to find jpg's of rare lp covers..I have put a few wants on my blog..have no digital camera see and am eager to post as i am running behind.Best wishes.

Tony McGrit said...


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faslimy said...

can't wait to hear this one. your latest posts are just fantastic, thanks a bunch.


A great request for a great blog: NEIL ARDLEY-A KALEIDOSCOPE OF RAINBOWS (re-post?). Thanks-NATURE BOY

Ventilan said...

I just wanted to thank you for posting this record :) The first, and almost only, time i heard George Braith was in a Best of album of "Big" John Patton. there's a theme there that just swings so crazily, you should try to find it somewhere. If i manage to rip it, i'll post a link here so that you may download it.

Have a nice day :D

MrC said...

big big thanks!


Patricia said...

Some diggable moments to be sure , but I find this an uneven record . Splashes of Love is good , but what's with the fade ? Love the wordless vocal on Del's Theme . Laura is pretty weak , as is Evelyn Anita .

r.terlizzi said...

I have to thank you, Bacoso, for changing my life a little bit more. I dwlded George Braith Laughing Soul from OrgyInRhythm. In my thirty years of music discoveries this was unexpected and wonderful. That record is at the intriguing border of music and memories/imagination and sometimes reminds me of some Federico Fellini atmospheres.Though I love the 3 Blue Notes I got later, and what George Braith is playing in more recent years, I think the word masterpiece could fit. But the drag is that the other Prestige, unissued on CD, Musart, promises as much from the comments but there are three bad words from RS: FILE NOT FOUND! Well, if there is the possibility of make that file live again, please, please, do it! I am ready to believe in miracles!

Liz said...

My partner plays the sax mostly tenor. Recently we went o see McCoy Tyner. And then there was Wayne Shorter at UMD. Anyway, he talks about George Braith and looks for his recordings at record stores when we're in NY. There are a few listed on ebay. But I'm not sure what is best. Any suggestions?