18 November 2006


Altoist Gary Bartz's first recording as a leader is 1967's Libra which matches Bartz (then 26) with trumpeter Jimmy Owens, pianist Albert Dailey, bassist Richard Davis and drummer Billy Higgins for four diverse originals including the fantastic"Libra"and "Eastern Blues," a lyrical "Cabin in the Sky," the old hymn "Deep River" and Charlie Parker's "Bloomdido."
Very difficult to find on vinyl this rip is from the 1998 cd reissue on Milestone.


Adam said...

This is very nice. thank you very much!

Swami Hermitus Solus said...

ahhhhh Gary Gary Gary !

I have that one glad you post it...

great album


El Swami Hermitus

mel said...

I've never heard Bartz before and am very glad you posted this one - the entire album is tremendous. This is the kind of jazz I like - straight-ahead, swinging stuff.

Thanks very much.

Michael said...

sir, this is just amazing, i would need to write for hours to come close to describing what you are doing for me here, but suffice it to say, i have been away from my albums for 4 years and this goes a great way to healing some of those wounds of separation! the time you put in to do this is so praiseworthy, i can barely get it up to burn a cd for a friend and you are ripping vinyl and posting it daily for our pleasure! i am truly humbled.... thank you very much and long live orgy!

julioxo said...

Thanks for sharing

soup said...

again, much thanks.

PE_35 said...

please, where's the link ?

thanks very much

PE_35 said...

ok i found where to click, on but the link is dead, is it possible for you to reload this one ?

thanks very much

wxyz said...

please, new link? :) thanx

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trane said...

Hi, first of all let me tell you how great your blog is, with this terrific idea of making mostly out of print lp’s available!
I also wanted to ask if you could upload this file

I don’t want to put any pressure, but I will be online till the 24th, and then again from the 4th of January onwards.

Thanks a lot
(my email: sparti@unisi.it)

JazzDoIt said...

Please reup this one. I had the chance to hear the Libra/Another Earth reissue in a single CD and due to time CD restriction Milestone couldn't accomodate one song from Libra: Disjunction.

Be my guest to have the CD reissue mp3@256-320:
Scans: http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=1595305

Rev. bIGhIG said...

Yeah, no-one has the LP cut "Disjunction". Searching like crazy to no avail. If anyone finds it let me know