12 November 2006


A lovely bit of bossa jazz from Italy and a key non-soundtrack album from the great Alessandro Alessandroni recorded in the 70s. The session's a bit more jazz-based than some of Alessandroni's soundtrack work from the 60s, but in a way that really opens up the tunes, and provides for some spontaneous improvisation that only deepens their spirit and sound. Edda Dell'Orso sings wordless vocals on a number of tracks scatting in a cool and groovy way that's even better than her famous soundtrack recordings. Some tracks have organ, others have acoustic piano but the whole thing's grooving all the way through with the sort of dreamy bossa sound that was coming out of Italy at the time.

Reissued by Deja Vu on cd in Italy and Japan in 2004 and now probably deleted.Ripped from the cd reissue.


Rogerio said...

Awesome! Thanks a bunch!!

Swami Hermitus Solus said...

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1Surfrider said...

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Tomaso Alba said...

FunkyBossaNova- You rescued a jewel.

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makuma said...

Love it! Thank you Bacoso :)

makuma said...

Love it! Thank you Bacoso :)