9 November 2006


Alegre go head to head with Tico on my latin mash up compiled from the 60s and early 70's output of these great labels- who will win ?
Only YOU can decide !
From The Alegre All Stars to the Brothers Palmieri - From Tito Puente to Mauricio Smith and more.
It's all killer no filler - just hard core!

If you would like any more info about the tracks leave a comment in the box as usual.


Juicy said...

thank you again for all your share... so nice...
i think that you rip your record sometimes, i just heard about the ikey http://www.ikey-audio.com/
maybe can help you

quinlan said...

Great post as usual.
Thank you so much for it as well as all the others.
The track called Ponce_Kako_Alegre is corrupted but it can easily be repaired. For those who do not know the procedure to follow, just double left click on the WinRar folder then double left click on the Latino_Mash_Up folder and you can see the various files. Select the corrupted file and right click on it. In the menu that appears select "Repair" (Alt+R) and left click on it. You then obtain a window where you have to select a button "treat the corrupted file as RAR" and then OK. In the next window wait until the job is done and when "done" appears, close.
Go back to the folder where your original WinRar folder was. You must have a second RAR folder called "fixed. LATINO_MASH_UP". You may then do the usual extraction.
Just one more thing,; in the rar folder there seems to be some JPEGs but there is nothing in the files.
Some kind of artwork, if any, would be very much appreciated.
Thanks an awful lot.

bacoso said...

quinlan-I put together this mix myself so there is no artwork etc.
the empty folder had the photos of palmieri etc which accompany the blog post.thanks for posting how to fix corrupted files-saves me a job.

Neilson said...

The method to fix the corrupted file described above appears to be for a pc. Does anyone know how to do this with a Mac?

Anonymous said...

Smoking mix you put together. Thanks for the share...

roberto said...

this site is brilliant, great work, what a library and your comments are excellent.

great selection here! qu - i thought a mashup was mixing diff music together, am i missing something? thanks pana

bacoso said...

roberto-its a mash up of two different record labels- tico and alegre.So no you are not missing anything.

roberto said...

great taste you have anyways my brother
love the pic of kako on bongo!
prospero y feliz 2007

Hector said...

Saludos Brother, please post again the file, say: file not found, and this is a great album, never I see before.
Excuse Me, I don't speak english good, I come from Venezuela.

You have a great site, Congratulations.

My e-mail is blackdog@cantv.net