2 October 2006


As you will know I very rarely post anything recently recorded on this blog but for the second time here's "Soil And Pimp Sessions" this time with their latest full on Death Jazz album "Pimp of the Year".Picked this up some time ago from Dusty Groove but I have only just worked out how to get around the Japanese copy control on the cd.
Any way its fantastic-here's the Dusty Groove review
Genius work from a group who just keeps getting better and better -- the mighty Soil & Pimp Sessions, easily one of the sharpest jazz combos on the planet! This second album by the group is a great summation of all their unique power -- a record that soars ahead with unbridled energy, tight horns climbing to the sky in formation, then breaking off in freely soulful solos while the piano, bass, and drums rip along at incredible speed. The Soil & Pimp sound is by now such a trademark groove that it's gotten way past the group's clunky name -- and this album's a beautiful demonstration of the live energy that's made S&P one of the key combos in the current club jazz revival. An instant classic from a group we'll be loving for years -- and a record that we'd gladly stack next to our favorites from the 60s on Impulse or Blue Note!
It's actually the third album plus an ep to boot but believe the hype-it's awesome !!!!


crybo said...

Been listening to the Soil & Pimp Sessions for a while now & had the pleasure of seeing them live in Glasgow in April... what a live show. Check out my blog for a live set from them, which finishes off with Dwight Trible singing "You Got To Have Freedom". Amazing.

Adam said...

Yo, now this is far oooowt.

BreakEclectic said...

I do not often listen to jazz music but this one make me really happy !!! Thanks a lot !!!

AtrĂ¡s da Porta said...

PLEASE, can you send me or repost the link of "PIMP OF THE YEAR"?? The file no longer exist... it's what rapidshare says... =(

Please, a loved their sound when i listened last year, but i lost my mp3...

my email is prikiinha@hotmail.com


morcombe said...

PLEASE, can you send me or repost the link of "PIMP OF THE YEAR they are great and i had this album on cd and it was never returned regards warren