4 October 2006


Here's a real rarity and my number one desert island disc - it's this little beauty on German Vogue from Sahib Shihab.This also contains my favourite tune "Om Mani Padme Hum" penned by the wonderful Francy Boland.This double album has it all from frantic banging percussive workouts to modal numbers to beautiful ballads,all performed by Francy,Kenny Clarke,Jimmy Woode,Fats Sadi,Benny Bailey,Ake Persson and even Milt Jackson on vocal on one track.It's a staggeringly good piece of music and worth every penny of the HUGE price tag it commands.
Ripped @ 256 from vinyl-no reissue apart from the infamous late 80s bootleg which got pulped .
Had a few problems with this upload -namely trax 5 & 10 so there are now 3 files for you to download .


J Epstein said...
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J Epstein said...

A couple things:

1) Thanks for the upload, great music!
2) FYI: Archive problems: Track 3 CRC fails, the result won't play all the way through. Track 5 extracts to a five-second long song. Track 10 doesn't exist. (The second archive starts at 11 - should there be a Track 10?)



sulingman said...

I love you for sharing Sahib Shihab.
and the Clarke - Boland to boot!

not to mention Afro Temple.

Whatever-you-wish bless you and keep you

NotGonnaTellYa said...

Wow, this is great. Thank you for sharing this.
Used the rar repair feature ( like you pointed out to me before ) to fix the archive. Is track 10 available as it appears to be missing.
Thanks again.

J Epstein said...

Thanks for re-upping 5&10.

Any advice for fixing 3?



Quimsy said...

First Class!!!!

What can one say about this record?

Thx for a great share

Highest Regards


pink noize said...

I had the same CRC error problem with track 3. I have fixed it with WinRAR and extracted it normally then. Seems to work.

I've searched for a RAR repair tool all over but they are no use if you don't want to spend considerable money for repairing just one file (you won't be able to save the recovered file). WinRAR seems to be the only free tool that works.

pink noize said...

Before I forget: great record, thanks!

J Epstein said...
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J Epstein said...

I got track 3 repaired using RAR for Mac OS X 3.6b1, a command line rar archive tool, and setting the "r" (repair) switch. Digging the sounds as I write. Thanks!

Worth the work - great stuff!


faslimy said...

i can't thank you enough for all this Shihab. One question, do you know when this album was recorded? I found places that say 1957 but I thought he recorded with Kenny Clarke after he moved to Europe?

bacoso said...

Companionship is actually a compilation by Vogue and is taken from material recorded between 1964-70.

Sem Sinatra said...

J. Epstein thanks for the great tip in repairing the rar archive ... worked a treat ... gotta be a geek though

grant xv said...

Hi -Thanks for the great SS posts, they are awesome. I've got part 2 of this post,tracks 5 & 10 and 1& 2 of part 1, but can't get the rest of part 1 - any ideas how I can overcome this? Great site, I really like your posts - All the best, Grant

bacoso said...

grant-yours is the only comment about this so try downloading it again it should be ok second time round.

grant xv said...

Hi Bacoso - Hope you had a warm and relaxing break. It's track 3 that's stopping me downloading the rest of part 1. I keep getting pop-ups saying error #:25116, and bad block. I'm with AOL which has been known to make things a bit complicated. Still, can't grumble, you've given me tremendous pleasure with the other SS tracks - Many Thanks, once again, Grant

Ramson said...

Hi to all.

Great albums !!! ...but most of all are delete ....while I cannot understand cause to also most albums from this month ( october) are delate ....only I can download 1 album from october!!!

Greetings and excuse me by very poor english !!

Ramson said...

Hi again!!
track 3 is corrupted..it's impossible extract it from rar .


Ramson said...

ooooopsssssss!! ...I read comment from J Epstein ...and with option 'repair' from RAR extractor , I extracted track 3 .... thanks again!!

grant xv said...

F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C !!!! Downloaded new WinRAR and now have complete album including repaired track 3. Wow...this has become an old friend already...thanks a million - cheers, Grant

ramson_knowling said...

by the way ....I'm ramson ...but I lost my password .

ramson_knowling said...

I just finding out like acceding to links of October !!.. great !!!