29 October 2006


More full on big band ball busting business with Herr Herbolzheimer's Rhythm Combination and Brass ripping it up at Ronnie Scotts in May 1974.
Art Farmer,Dieter Reith,Philip Catherine,Kenny Wheeler,Palle Mikkleborg and the late,very great Sabu Martinez all appear in this incarnation of The RCB and as always Herbolzheimer is at the controls producing,arranging and leading the band on trombone.
As usual this lp has a great set of covers which includes Weldon Irvine's"Mr Clean",Gillespie's "Con Alma"and Dieter Reith's Sidewinder inspired "Hoops".
Herbolzheimer knocked out the rest of the compositions which culminate in "Blues In MY Shoes"an archetypal walking blues that postively impels the foot to tap and the fingers to snap.It starts lightly and quietly with organ and bass generating a lift,then,with a powerfull press roll Kenny Clare moves in on the second chorus,on the third organ and electric piano swop fours,on the fourth the trombones roar in with the theme....and so it goes ,building relentlessly through seven choruses to a beautiful climax of shouting brass before Art Farmer enters with a coolly elegant four chorus solo.Ake Persson and Gunther Lenz follow then the band take the tune out over three choruses ,once again making exciting use of dynamics and providing a storming finish to a musically rewarding and exciting album.

Thanks to Magnum again for a nice bit of cropping on the cover photo-lovely job!


vesper said...

always nice things to grab here, bravo

bonecat caliente said...

Any more rcb coming soon???


thanks B

faslimy said...

quality stuff, tyvm.

ramson_knowling said...

Great big band !!! ...you are great man!!!

By the way , great sound in digitalizations (no matter clicks in sound) and PLEEEEASE!!! never try on declick noise of vinyls , cause if you are not a profesional , sound getting is not good ; it's better have clicks & pops than get clean sound with muffled sound in some instruments or ever in all global sound .

Keep on in this way !!!


magnum said...

Cover update, bit more tricky this one swipe it from my site see ya.

bonecat caliente said...

Any chance of Wide Open, Bandfire etc etc??



Anonymous said...

I just want to say "Thanks" for your great work!!

My PC's going to explode!


Simon666 said...

hi bacoso -
I found a good rip of Herbolzheimer's "Scenes - Live at Ronnie Scotts" on soulseek, i.e.

.... and was just about to do a post at my blog and at MPS-Love, then I noticed this post of yours (which I missed yesterday when I text-searched 'MPS' here).

Same album with a diff cover and slightly different name yes?

Tracklist I've got is :
1. Mr Clean
2. Con alma
3. Sideways
4. Hoops
5. scenes
6. Don't Speak now
7. Blues in my shoes

Is that the same ?

bacoso said...

same album and its my rip thats been uploaded onto soulseek by god knows who.

Simon666 said...

It's actually a different rip, some vinyl clicks in a few places and slightly different speed - but just to be clear - I'm not going to post it. Have done a comment at MPS-Love noting the slightly different title and cover, pointing people here instead.

bacoso said...
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bacoso said...

personally I dont use soulseek but reza d/loads a lot from it and tells me he has found a lot of my original rips uploaded there-I assumed from your comment that the same was true of this lp but obviously not thanks to your careful listening.Anyway cheers for linking this post up at mps

troods said...

Mmmmmm, ready for this. Too early in the a.m. to dance. I've been up most of the night downloading since I'm on vacation. Thank you so much for all you do!

Simon666 said...