25 October 2006


Hip Walk was the ninth album from Peter Herbolzheimer's Rhythm Combination and Brass and recorded in 1976 and started a move into fusion territory .A stellar European line up featuring Kenny Wheeler,Eef Albers,Dieter Reith,Palle Mickleborg,Ack von Rooyen and the singer Ingar Rumpf (thankfully only on two tracks-Superstition and Spirit)and a great selection of tunes including Hancock's "Butterfly",Adderley's "Jive Samba" and Dieter Reith's "Nerve Wrecker".The album really comes into it's own with the superb Herbolzheimer compositions "Wheeler's Choice","Hip Walk"and "Neosho".
This was issued on Polydor Germany in 76 and then made a re-issue on cd in 1997 on Repertoire from Germany which has now dissapeared without trace.This post is ripped from the cd.


Pekis said...

The old Herbolzheimer's CDs are so difficult to obtain !

I've been lookin' for "Silver 'n Strings" without success on the Net... If you've got it, could you think in uploading it one day ?
Then it could be interesting to present the entire "Silver 'n Series", since all of these have been uploaded ... :)

Speaking of the CBBB, did you know these discs I saw on http://www.geocities.co.jp/MusicHall/1069/KWHP/1975-9/1976.html ?
Album "Blue Flame" (1976) (MPS DC 229 106) by Francy Boland - The Orchestra
Album "Red Hot" (1976) (MPS 68.174) by Francy Boland - The Orchestra
Album "White Heat" (1976) (MPS 0068.189) by Francy Boland - The Orchestra

Thanks !

bonecat caliente said...

Oh my deary

This could be the best website ive ever been to.

Bacoso, you are a scholar, a gentleman, and a superb man of taste!

RC+B if not the most UNDER_RATED band of all time. WHat a superb band. MORE HERBOLZHEIMER PLEASE.

My Name Is Nobody said...

Man, I've been tracking this blog for months and I just wanted to say thanks. You have amazing taste and I really appreciate all the music. Just when I think I have a grip on what's out there, I find there's a whole nother level I never knew. LOL

Anyway, I could never fully return the favor, but I started a music blog too, so stop by and snag something if it moves you:


Thanks again! You are the best.


Davis Mavis said...

You are the man, from any poijt of view!

Oh and here's a request... got any Jimmy Ponder?


faslimy said...

this is groooovy

avocado kid said...

awwwww shit. If this is the next wave of stuff on this site I am going to be one happy downloader.

Neilson said...

Hi. I stumbled across your blog while looking for the soundtrack of "The Taking of One Two Three". I'm really loving a lot of the afro-cuban jazz and percussion stuff. Could you re-post the file for El Ritmo Latino? It's been deleted from Rapidshare. Thanks for all the great music!!!

Simon666 said...