28 October 2006


A roaring monster of a big band set this is the MPS Rhythm section and Brass arranged ,conducted and featuring Peter Herbolzheimer.Recorded live at Domicile in Munich in 1973 this was released by MPS in the USA as a single lp set although the European issue was a double and called "My Kind Of Sunshine".It's never made a re-issue of any type and this post is ripped from the US issue.
Have a read of the sleeve notes and get Timbales Caliente,What'd I Say,Senor Blues or Wade in the Water on at full blast-but be prepared to be blown out of your seat!

'This is the kind of orchestra which used to be called a power house band-it radiates power and vitality!Roaring brass,thunderous rhythms,a whole lot of different sounds-a real power house full of music.And presiding over it all ,a man with a trombone,hair flowing over his collar-tough,sure of himself,a mountain of a man-PETER HERBOLZHEIMER.
He is the boss,principal composerand arranger for an ensemble which is unlike anything else in the world.Four trumpets,three trombones,one man on saxaphone and flute and a rhythm section normally consisting of six.They play a kind of jazz which makes virtually all other big bands sound old fashioned and a brand of rock which the specialist groups can only dream of.
The organ goes wild,the flute soars above the virtuoso accompaniment of the congas,the bongos,the rest of the percussion and the bass guitar;the ring of the trumpets carry the melody along-the overall effect is overwhelming.There are elements of rock and macumba,shades of gospel services and even voodoo rites ,but the real idols here are figures like Bird and Diz and all the other gods of jazz world.When the improvisation begins theres no pop - just bop!'


*Crispi said...

Yet another re-post request... But before that I want to thank you for all the wonderful music. I never would have known who Sahib Shihab is (except maybe for his Monk Blue Note sides). Now I'm blessed for being able to hear "Lillemor" and "Peter's Waltz"-priceless!
I just stumbled across some Bobby Hutcherson posts (thanx for the Happenings LP rip, one of my favorite albums) that I had overlooked, including Medina, San Francisco, Stick-Up and Patterns, and none of them are still there, all deleted! I was devastated for not seeing them before. If you have some time soon, please post them again on rapidshare.com. I'd be very thankful... Greetings from Berlin.

bonecat caliente said...


More gems from herbolzheimer. Amazing.
This stuff needs a mosaic box or an entire reissue series of MPS and SABA.

Amazing music. thankyou

ScoreBaby said...

I've been digging the MPS stuff since those Crippled Dick compilations came out several years ago (Between and Beyond the Black Forest 1 and 2). I have the RC&B compilation that came out in '95 on Motor, but it's great to hear the original albums. Thanks a lot. This stuff swings hard.

ScoreBaby said...

Oh, and I dig this bit about man himself: "And presiding over it all ,a man with a trombone,hair flowing over his collar-tough,sure of himself,a mountain of a man-PETER HERBOLZHEIMER." I feel like raising a stein of bier in Herbolzheimer's honor. Brost!

number06 said...

Tonight, for Peter's Herbolzheimer 70th birthday, there's a special TV show "Jazzline:20 Internationales Jazzfestival Viersen" aired on WDR ( Wednesday 08.11.2006 at 00:25 am ).

Here is a link for more infos

Available through analog & digital satellite receiver (Astra). I'll record it tonight ...

be seeing you !

the jazzman said...

Many thanks.

misha said...

Thank you!Herbozheimer's Brass & Rhythm rare constellation of stars

Simon666 said...