3 October 2006


Killer Groove Music Library has now started to post selected tracks from his incredible lp collection.Pick of the bunch for me has to be Joe Harriot's "Southern Horizons" featuring Frank Holder on bongos but there are so many other great tunes to choose from including Frank Hernandez'-Barloventeno Blues,Michael Garrick's-Second Coming and the super funky Cumulo Nimbus-March of the Goober Woobers to name but three .Don't forget to check through his archives for more music links.
Highly recommended-get a Killer Groove into your life!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Fantastic blog you have here-spent a few days running through the archives and enjoying the music-I plan to switch my blog to a straight vinyl only format in uploading-what are you using to burn your vinyl? (I know long question-if you have time email me) anyway hope you do not mind I have linked you on my blog and thanks for the shares.

who FEELS IT KNOWS IT said...

Hi..I have a tonne of wicked lps that i ripped from vinyl.Trouble is that this blogstuff is new to me..I dunno how to or where to upload the music..Can anyone help

bacoso said...

recherche / who feels it knows it :
leave your email addresses in the comments box and i'll email you both with the relevant information-ok?

who FEELS IT KNOWS IT said...


141743rd said...

I've been trying to work up the nerve to post my old vinyls -- give back what I've gotten. I need to digitalize them anyway, else I hardly get to listen to them myself, as I'm so on-the-go I rarely have time to sit down properly in front of a stereo.

-- 43rd