24 October 2006


One of the great latin jazz lps of the 60s and featuring who else but Sabu Martinez.
Latin Kaleidoscope is comprised of two suites, with the band swinging on well-written parts to a panoply of well-used percussion elements .Boland recruited drummers Kenny Clare, Al "Tootie" Heath" and Sabu Martinez to add their percussion talents.
Gary McFarland’s six-part "Latin Kaleidoscope" is a joy to discover – much as it was to first hear his solo creations and offers much evidence of his gifts. Boland, who added his own touches to this suite, never takes a solo throughout and is occasionally heard on harpsichord; a sensitive touch to sensitively considered music. And excellent solos are taken by Sahib Shihab ("Duas Rosas"), Ronnie Scott ("Uma Fita de Tres Cores") and Aki Persson ("Othos Negros")
Francy Boland’s "Cuban Fever" is like a musical postcard of Cuba: powerful, colorful, exciting, where the unexpected is approached at every corner. The innate skill of Boland’s craft is most apparent here. Like the great jazz arrangers, he’s a scenarist, a master painter. Here the brasses cover more of the thematic canvas. But it is often the reeds that take solo honors (a nice contrast) – with the exception of the beautiful finale, "Crepusculo y Aurora" that benefits by a resonant Benny Bailey trumpet solo (Clarke’s clever shifting patterns are much in evidence here too).

This is a repost from March 2006


hideo said...

these Clarke Boland sessions (as well as some items posted at another fine blog) are eroding my 20 year prejudice against "big bands"



klakadak said...

The Kenny Clarke Francy Boland Big Band - Latin Kaleidoscope (1968)

Musicians: Benny Bailey, Jimmy Deuchar, Idrees Sulieman, Dusko Gojkovic, Milo Pavlovic (tp); Ake Persson, Nat Peck, Erik Van Lier (tb); Derek Humble, Phil Woods (as); Johnny Griffin, Tony Coe, Ronnie Scott (ts); Sahib Shihab (f,bs); Francy Boland (p); Jimmy Woode, Jean Warland (b); Kenny Clarke (d); Kenny Clare, Shake Keane, Albert "Tootie" Heath, Tony Inzalaco, Sabu Martinez (perc); Gary McFarland (comp,arr).

BATA CHA CHA said...

I created my blog today specially to thank you for re-uploading LATIN
KALE√ŹDOSCOPE,a great record. In few weeks, you'll see a new blog: WHY NOT CHA CHA ? It's mine:latin oriented easy listening US.LPs
cause I have a lot of these. In fact my all-time favorite and also highest bid is LET'S GO BOBO! The Latin/Soul jazz of Pete Terrace , Bobby Montez is exactly the music I like and you're doing top job!

Anonymous said...

Excellant posts, just discovered Clarke-Boland and this is a great introduction to their work. I do have a request for The Clarke-Boland Sextett album titled Music For Small Hours and have been unable to find it anywhere.

Do you have it? Can you post it?

Thanks!! Keep up the great work!