23 October 2006


A fantastic session from the early days of the Clarke-Boland Big Band! The record was cut in 1961, under the aegis of Gigi Campi and it features a core group that would later grow into the much-respected CBBB unit during the MPS years. Players include Jimmy Woode, Derek Humble, Karl Drewo, and the fantastic Dusko Goykovich all very unusual musicians to be working on a Blue Note set, and some of the best European soloists at the time. Tracks are shorter than on later albums by the ensemble but no less filled with fire and imagination and the solos are all totally wonderful.

Ripped from the Toshiba EMI cd reissue from Japan.
This was originally posted back in May this year.


bonecat caliente said...

Hey Bacoso,

Classic rips. Just wanna say cheers. Some great posts of some hard to find albums. If the record companies cannot be bothered to issue these gems, and keep them in print, then this is how we keep the music alive.

May i please make a request??

Any peter herbolzheimer, or thad jones/mel lewis big band stuff you have would be greatly appreciated up here!!!


bacoso said...

bonecat- some Herbolzheimer MPS rarities coming up in the next month.check the fusion groove big band link on my blog for thad jones/mel lewis lps.

bonecat caliente said...

Fabulous mate.

looking forward to the surprises from you in store musically here!


dylanfan said...

You really going to do Herbolzheimer? Great! I only have a MPS compilation on vinyl ("Star-Edition"), wich I bought on ebay some time ago. May I make a suggestion: "My Kind of Sunshine", classic MPS - and a great cover, too - but not available on CD as far as I know.

Ornette said...

My father in law, who played double bass in jazz bands in Newcastle in the sixties always said that Derek Humble was a great player - now we can all hear it. Great stuff - a comment that goes for all of your posts.

who FEELS IT KNOWS IT said...

How about Jazz Gala Concert..A very nice one,has stan getz..

Pekis said...

For dylanfan: see the CD "Masterpieces - Rhythm Combination & Brass" (it's a Best of Herbolzheimer)

MCKE said...

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KingCake said...

Sadly this link is gone - I'll just have to wait till I see it at the store.