22 October 2006


This is a lovely piano trio lp from Francy Boland with the great Fats Sadi on bongos.Recorded for Saba in 1967 this one features the full tilt Expresso Loco and 5 more Boland penned compositions along with a couple of standards and Jimmy Woode's Rosa de Luxe.I'm a big fan of Boland and this album is a good opportunity to hear him stretching out away from his usual setting with the Clarke Boland Big Band.
It originally came out on Saba in 1967 and made a cd reissue in Japan a few years ago-this post is ripped from the cd.

Jean Warland Bass
Wolfgang Hirschmann Engineer
Gigi Campi Producer, Supervisor
Kenny Clarke Drums
Francy Boland Piano, Main Performer, Keyboards
Fats Sadi Bongos
Jimmy Woode Bass


Davis Mavis said...

Another great post - thank you so much!

By the way do you know that your earlier shares have been deleted by the system on the grounds that there were not enough downloads. Thought you should know...


bacoso said...

david-No it,s not the number of downloads it's when the link has been unused for 10 days.As many of my links have been up for months with 700+ down loads there will be a time when the 10 day rule will knock in.Much to my annoyance as well rapidshare have moved to .com from.de and with that my premium account has now lost all my latest few months links which are preserved with premium accounts.Oh well c'est la vie !!!!

wooodenelephant said...

Thanks for this one, bacoso! By the way a lot of the links still work. Its a question of trial and error.

Ornette said...

All these recent F-B posts have been great. What a band!