25 October 2006


I'm going to wrap the Clarke Boland posts with another vinyl rarity from Francy Boland(two files to download here and here).This came out as the first double lp in the Jazz Joint series from Vogue (the second was Sahib Sihab-Companionship)and is Boland in a variety of settings from trio to piano and strings with four woodwinds.
The Trio consists of Boland with Jimmy Woode and Kenny Clarke recorded at Lindstrom studios Cologne.The Piano and Strings feature Boland on piano (also conducting and arranging)with The Berlin String Band ,Jean Warland on Bass,Tony Inzalaco on Drums and four woodwinds recorded at Teldec Studios Berlin.I believe the piano and strings session was re-issued at a later date as "Papillons Noir"on Freedom.
This is pretty hard to find and took me a few years of digging before I turned one up.It's also fairly hard to find anything much about it even with googling and going to my usual sources.So if anyone can shed any more light on this great music then please leave a comment in the box.
So in this case let's allow Francy Boland's wonderful music to speak for itself.

Ripped from the original vinyl-no cd or vinyl reissue.Many many thanks to Magnum over at Jazzheads for the lovely job he has done on the cover photo-a true pro !!!!


bonecat caliente said...

Nice one here mate.

Try IrFan View. That is pretty simple for photo editing as far as i have used it all. A little quicker than Photoshop.

magnum said...

Hi Ya matey,
I have sorted your cover out just swipe it from my site,
still havent moved yet .... she

Quimsy said...

much obliged...

Have been after this one for some time

respect to u & all u stand for


Oregarus said...

I an't wait to see what is next. If At Her Majesty's Request is coming up I will squeal with joy for sure.

Keep it up, I love this band.

ramson_knowling said...

track 15 seems missing !!!

Nice album , thanks anyway!!!!

bacoso said...

Ransom-there is no track 15 it was gashed on the upload --ok!but to your credit you are the first to spot this clanger did not think it would take so long!!!!

xmnr0x23 said...

These people might now:


Try contacting them...

D.J. said...

I can't get enough of this collection. Sad to see Francy died last year.

I couldn't find a track sequence for this, so my CDR is burned in alphabetical order!

jeff said...

I only came across your website, and was incredibly delighted to find rarities such as this. Even though I'm a big Clarke Boland Big Band fan I didn't know this existed!
Thanks for posting this, given me a lot of pleasure