24 September 2006


Keeping the Percussion theme here's a great piece of wax from Europe-Sweden to be precise-recorded in 1981 for Amigo Records.Those of you who are on the case will know that Wilfredo Stephenson was the percussion wiz behind Hot Salsa but for this outing he recorded under his own name ,wrote all bar two of the compositions and used some of the Hot Salsa line up as well as Tobjorn Langborn,Carlos Leon,Per Cussion etc.
This is a pretty rare lp that has many great tunes but the standout tune is "Aire para respirar" that starts like a massive batucada but goes into a lovely uplifting, vocal fusion tune -big out on the floor back in the day.It's a terrific album and it proves shows the Swedish CAN play great latin music.Actually thinking about it I'm pretty sure I read some where that Wilfredo was a student of Sabu who saw the final years of his life out in Sweden whilst putting together some incredible music(Afro Temple for starters!!!)
This has never made it to a re-issue of any description - this share is ripped from the original vinyl at 256.
Many thanks to Killer Groove Music Library for the cover photo.


b said...

This is the most amazing music blog I've seen. Thanks for all the great stuff. I've been downloading like a madman for about a week now.

Pekis said...

Maynard Ferguson fans, please visit

songorocosongo said...

this album is truly impressive, and its a shame it is now gone. i would love to see it re-upped for selfish reasons of wanting to hear it again, but also for communal reasons of hoping that others might be able to realize what a top notch project this album is.

hugo said...

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Carlo said...

Wilfredo, soy Carlos M. te conoci en Wash DC amigo de tu hermano Frank, como estas? I tripped over ur page by accident looking 4 good heavy duty salsa leaning on percussion. i've tried to download 'orgy in rhytms but the file is corrupted and through an audio editor i was able to save bits and pieces but not a whole of anything: 'merengue no es mozambique, mi bajio y lucerito' show strength and staying power ... congratulations (by the way, i've learned to play congas :-))- un abrazo fraternal. Carlos: http://alomejornt.spaces.live.com