10 September 2006


A killer album from 1980 of breezy bossa-fied jazz from the West Coast! Viva Brasil worked for many years as part of the underground Brazilian scene in San Francisco - home to smaller combos similar to themseves, and bigger names who often recorded on Fantasy Records.
This album features the massive club tracks "Skindo-Le-Le" along with Bosco and Blanc's brilliant "Ronco Da Cuica" but there's a full album's worth of great cuts, all with the cool breezy west coast Brazilian feel that was the group's trademark style.
Whilst partly electric, the core sound is like a floating acoustic one with jazzy influences, often with Ruben Moura's vocals to the fore. Joe Henderson guest stars on the track "Iemanja", and the LP includes the tracks "O Bode", Jocafi's evergreen "Voce Abusou",and "Menina Danada".
This is pretty hard to find these days especially on vinyl as its never made a re-issue and came out on the San Rafael based independant Sugerloaf records.It made a one off cd issue -again I thought these would be tough to track down but I have found the excellent Whatmusic.com have dug some copies up which are now on their website.


Sylvain L. said...

Dear Mr Bacoso,
this hot LP now plays every morning here in Paris, giving our flat a view on the Corcovado while me, my wife and our two groovy kids dance like mad.

Thank you very much for this and for all that jazz.

Calisan said...

Hii Bacoso!
Could you re-up please! I have only the artwork in HR (front-back-insert), if you need this stuff, just tell me.
Thanks for all!

POW! said...

Dear Bacoso!
Is there a link available?
Thanks for moving our horizons with your incredible work!
P Rub