10 September 2006


Whenever I listen to this it makes me realise that when library lps are good they can be totally awesome.Another one of my top 10 spins this is ripped from the Easy Tempo vinyl re-issue - the original on Carosello under the pseudonym of Jay Richford and Gary Stevan was issued in the 70s and still goes for a major wedge if you can find one.It also has a better cover than the re-issue (check it out in Johny Trunks superb "The Music Library" book which is well worth forking out for with a great cd to boot).
Every cut on this is a winner with beautiful strings meeting breaks and beats combined with moody atmospheric tunes throughout - all killer no filler without a doubt!Highly recommended.

Here's the track listing:
1. flying high
2. walking in the dark
3. fighting for life
4. feeling tense
5. running fast
6. being friendly
7. fearing much
8. having fun
9. loving tenderly
10. going home


Reza said...

Lovely music ...an absolute joy to my ears

coolanddeadly said...

Great album! Thanx.

Licorice Pizza said...

Had this in the fix tag folder for a while and just did get around to the work of it. What a great album as you suggest. Thanks a bunch for this superb library/crime offerning. LP

heike said...


is there e reup of this album avalible ?

Gary said...

yes please re-up this please please please


Isao said...

always thought i knew library... altough i wasn't aware of this splendid piece! thanks so much.

sawanotsuru said...

guess i missed out when you posted this... only just discovered it today thanks to monone who has upped it at 320 with original art


really good rip too

just thought i'd give a heads up to anyone who might still want it

kai said...

yeeees indeed! this is one bad album! woo!! make a brother want to put his wight on it!!

xmnr0x23 said...

Gave it another spin after all these years. What a banger! Thanks for educating me, you cheeky monkey! Fun times.

makuma said...

Bacoso, thought I would use this space to advertise the new reissue on Golden Pavillion Records.


Bacoso said...
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makuma said...

Nice one! Thanks man! :)

Bacoso said...

OIR RECOMMENDATION :Buy your copy here

eda-88 said...

is reup possible?

eda-88 said...

Is reup possible?