21 September 2006


Another great session of spiritual soul jazz and one of the rarest albums on Strata East from 1976. Shamek Farrah's soulful alto is matched with the free spiritual piano of Sonelius Smith, for a totally memorable session that virtually defines the essence of the Strata East sound. The music is free, but not too free; lyrical, but never indulgent; and always turning over with a fresh sense of imagination, and a strident groove that's very much in the classic Strata East mode.The highlight of this lp is the latin romp of the 10 minute title tune a real banger of the first order.(David Murray also cut a fantastic version of this with his big band on "South of the Border" which i will post some day).
This rip is from the original vinyl but it did actually make a cd release in Japan on Bomba which I think is now deleted.


NotGonnaTellYa said...

Dang it, posted in the wrong album posting. Sorry man. I must be an idiot tonight. THis file was fine. And I might add, a great listen.

Sorry for the stupid posting and thanks for this album.

Vanzetti said...

I cannot tell you how much I am digging this blog! This is a really fine lp. Please keep Posting up Strata East lps. I can't get enough!

soup said...

found this posted somewhere else but who gave you the credit for the original rip. i thought it right too. thanks

Burning Blue Soul said...

Wow, please, and this one too--all Three SHamek Farah (this one with Sonelius Smith)--and I promise not to bug you again for a long time.


Simon666 said...

re-up http://www.adrive.com/public/5ZS6jA/ShamFarr-WorlChild.zip