13 August 2006


ARCHIGRAM at VOLTAGECONTROLLEDTECHNICOLOR has called it a day and finished his blog so his wonderful shares (including Sven Libaek's Solar Flares) are no longer available for download.Please be aware that although Archigram deleted his blog the name and site have been hooked up to already for something totally different - have a read of the following comment :

"Hey Bacoso, this is unrelated, but as you may know I ended my blog only about two hours ago (on 8/20/06)... now someone has started a new one using the same exact name and URL!!! It is NOT me, just to make it known. Thanks for your support."

So there you have it-one of the best blogs going is now gone.Thanks a lot VCT for some of the best shares in blogspot land-you'll be greatly missed.
However,the down load link from Archigram is still available in this comments post for Sven Libaek's incredible shark documentary soundtrack "Inner Space".Be sure you read his coments on the music before down loading it as some of the files are corrupt.
Archigram-if you read this(sorry,don't have your email address)and you do not want me to continue to share your link for Inner Space please leave a comment in the box and I will delete this post.Thanks again for all the great music-you certainly sent me in some new musical directions !!!


archigram said...

Here's "Inner Space" @ 320k (again, not my rip). I just uploaded the whole thing, even though there are problems with some tracks:

tracks 1-7 are fine (though right at the end of 5 there's some other music mixed in very briefly for two seconds, obviously a mistake)

tracks 8-10 are corrupted. They may start to play fine, then they skip forward to the next song, or just stop

track 11 is mostly fine, however at the 3:24 mark some other rock music suddenly comes in the mix for about 5 seconds

tracks 12-16 should be fine

It's not perfect, but should give you an idea of what this album's like:


archigram said...

Actually, on closer inspection, track 7 has it's share of problems too, unfortunately.

lo-fi said...

Greetings. This is a very good post too. Now, in order to have a recovery record built in your compressed archives (i.e. redundant information to be used by the downloader in case of corruption), open winrar, select "options"->"settings"->"compression" and create a new default profile for compression selecting the check box "put recovery record" and if you want "test archived files". In the advanced tab you will see that your archives will be 1% larger for the extra information to fit. Augment this percentage for added security up to the point it seems logical to you (3-5% is good enough i guess). Hope i helped... Oh,and tell people you are employing this, you will have less posts with complains!

bacoso said...

lo-fi thanks for your advice-will give it a try.

GeeeFlat said...
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bobthiele said...

what's up with inner space? I got something called bliss? Is that it?

bacoso said...

bob-dont know how you got bliss-thats a post i linked up for penthouse safari!Try this


Its superb but as archigram warns on the post some of the tracks are corrupted.See his comments for which ones.

Buscoglione said...

Thanks archigram!Totally wonderful!!!
Am I totally crazy when I think it's possible someone will upload a perfect rip of Innerspace in the future?

Buscoglione said...

If u want retrieve the wonderful Australian suite, go here:


My regards

archigram said...

Hey Bacoso, this is unrelated, but as you may know I ended my blog only about two hours ago (on 8/20/06)... now someone has started a new one using the same exact name and URL!!! It is NOT me, just to make it known. Thanks for your support.

bobthiele said...

hey thanks bacoso... I Got It now!!!! found this too if anyone needs the sleeve...



Buscoglione said...

2 archigram:
Thanks a bunch from the deep of my soul!!!
2 bacoso: is it possible to contact u via PM or in similar way?
Have some good news about Libaek.
My regards.

bacoso said...

Buscoglione-leave an email address here in the comments box and i will contact you .

Buscoglione said...


Buscoglione said...

bacoso check out your email again please for a really really HAPPY END.

PS(and off these comments):can u please fix corrupted 2th track in "Viva Emiliano Zapata" by Barbieri?
Kindly regards.

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